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Where can you find the best casinos in the world? This is a factor that many people consider before choosing to travel, either for pleasure or for business. For gamblers, it is a rewarding experience to travel to a city which hosts some of the best casinos in the world.To begin with, Macau is a city which is considered to have the most lucrative gaming industry in the world; Macau is an administrative region in China. It is a not a fully independent state because external affairs are controlled by china while internal affairs are managed internally. The great developments of the gaming industry in Macau can be attributed to its long history. Gambling was legalized in Macau back in 1847. The gambling industry in Macau was for a long time controlled by monopolies, however this was broken back in the year 2002 when the largest gaming corporations came in, some of this high profile corporations include, Wynn Resorts, Las Vegas Sands, as well as Galaxy entertainment group.
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Casino Grand Lisboa
Casino Grand Lisboa
Currently, there are numerous casinos which offer gambling services in Macau. All have a variety of games which mainly consist of a mixture of Western and traditional Chinese gambling games. The Casinos that have made Macau a renowned gambling center includes, Casino Grand Lisboa . . One notable thing about it is that it has a large gambling area and can therefore accommodate many players .it has very many gaming tables in different floors.VIP rooms which is a norm in Macau is also an essential feature of the Lisboa. This is because it has a notable number of these rooms totaling about eight. It also has a poker room that is arguably the best in the city. Other casinos in the city include, Casa Real Casino, which has a Portuguese flavor, Grand view hotel, Altira Macau among many others.Among the best casinos in the world are two others from Singapore. The industry in Singapore is also doing well with the best two having garnered US$6 billion back in 2011. This tells you the amount of funds changing hands in this part of the world.

The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Casino Sentosa
Casino Sentosa

The best casinos in Singapore include Resorts World Sentosa which is located at Sentosa Island and Marina bay sands, which is the most expensive casino in the world.

Australia is also in the list of the countries which host the best casinos in the world. This is even despite the fact that there have been many rumors regarding the certainty of the gaming industry in this country. Some of the most luxuries casinos here include, crown casino, which is situated in Melbourne. One notable thing about this casino is that it houses about 2500 slot machines as well as 350 tables. It does therefore offer a variety of games. Crown casino is another one which offers a great variety of games in Australia.
Other countries that feature among those that have the best casinos is India. Though it is still illegal in most parts of India to gamble, it is allowed in two states, Goa and Sikkim.
Therefore if you ever find yourself in China, Macau to be specific, just know that there are numerous world class casinos there.

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