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Great Casinos Around the World-Marina Bay Sands – Things You Don’t Know Yet.

There are various great casinos in the world that are coupled with shimmery lights, perfect gaming halls, high rollers, big jack pots and black jack tables. These casinos offer a natural form of relaxation and treatment.
Marina Bay Sands
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Slot Machines Marina Bay Sands Casino In Singapore
Slot Machines Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands is said to be one the greatest casinos in the world. The casino is rated to be the most expensive development with an estimate of 8 billion dollars which includes the cost of its prime land. The Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore is said to be a Mecca for gambling fans. It comprises of 1400 slot machines and a 1000 gaming tables.
Originally the casino was set to be opened as Las Vegas Sands in 2009. However this was not possible as a result of the high cost for erecting the building and severe financial crisis.
The history of Marina Bay Sands dates back in 2009 when it was set to be officially opened. However the casino was opened in phases as a result of its high construction cost. The first phase was further pushed to 27 April 2010 while the second phase which was the official opening was done on 23 June 2010. The construction was finally completed in 17 February 2011 with a grand opening.
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Gaming Tables Marina Bay Sands Casino In Singapore
Gaming Tables Marina Bay Sands
The casino was designed by Moshe Safdie who was inspired by a deck of cards. The engineering of the project was done by Arup and Parsons Brinkerhoff. These engineers are popularly known for working on prestigious projects like Sydney Opera House and Aquatics Centre.
The casino also features three fifty five story tower hotels that are connected by a sky terrace popularly known as Sands Sky Park. It also features a resort that comprises of an exhibition center, a 2,561-room hotel, theaters, celebrity restaurants, an infinity swimming pool and floating Crystal Pavilions.
The Marina Bay Sands pool is said to be one the most interesting faces of the casino. It is the world’s longest pool that measures 146-meter. The pool is said to hold 376,500 gallons of water.
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Marina Bay Sands pool Casino In Singapore
Marina Bay Sands pool
The Grand and Sands Theater are also a major attraction. They are said to hold 2155 and 1680 people respectively. Just next to the theaters is the skating rink which measures 6,500 square feet.
The Dragon fire Boxing is seen to be one of the most popular events hosted in Marina Bay Sands. The event is made up of competition boxing events sampled from the whole of Asia. The event is normally televised through out the world.
Another attraction in the Marina Bay Sands is the Crystal Pavilions which houses two night clubs that are internationally known. This is Pangaea and Avalon. In addition the pavilion also houses one of the world’s largest boutiques known as Louis Vuitton.
Gone are the days when casinos were all about betting. Marina Bay Sand has proved that the best casinos offers their guests a whole range of services from enticing floor shows, complimentary drinks and five star services. Marina Bay Sands has also upped its stakes in terms of function and appearance. If you are looking forward to having an ultimate experience of a lifetime look no further, Marina Bay Sands is the place to be.
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