Great Accommodation Options in North America

The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Accommodation in North America
North America has a lot to offer when it comes to great holiday destination and accommodation. The region is famed for having beautiful tourist sites, great natural landscapes, panoramic views as well as great accommodation facilities. The accommodation in North America offer a wide choice to the visitors, the facilities will cater for a stopover guest, short term stay as well as long term accommodation to suit a budget tourist, economy traveler and also an extravagant and luxurious stay. The different types of accommodations include following:
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Hotels in North America
Hotels in North America
Hotels: Hotels are the most popular accommodation spots for many people; the accommodation facilities come in all sorts of forms, styles, sizes and class to suit any type of guest. Hotels will range from low class to very high class hotels thus offering a diversity of choices. Hotels offer a one stop shop for accommodation, food, leisure and tours within the region. Disadvantages of staying in a hotel include: High cost, hotels are located away from the central business district thus limiting access to other amenities.
Hostels: Hostels offer basic and cheaper accommodation facilities. The accommodation facilities rarely get fully booked and are mostly located in the outskirts of the town centre. Disadvantages of hostels include: Lower standards, restricted spaces, no room service or in house entertainment facilities, limited privacy and confidentiality.
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Hostels in North America
Hostels in North America
Guest houses: This will include lodges which are most preferred for short term stays. Guest houses basically offer accommodation and food services with limited recreational facilities. Staying in guest houses is much cheaper than hotels but more expensive than hostels, the accommodation facilities are usually located in the town centre thus allow easy and quick access to other amenities without having to pay high fees. Most guest houses also lack room service. Food and beverage choices, entertainment is also limited in a guesthouse.
Private Rooms: Private rooms offer the most privacy and confidentially and also come at an exorbitant cost. The facility will offer room service; provide access to amenities like a clubhouse, beauty treatment and also arrangements for other fun activities is easily done. Private rooms are normally located in secluded environments offering the best privacy.
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Apartments in North America
Apartments in North America
Apartments: Apartments can be equated to hotels, they offer a wide array of choices just like hotels, and this will cater for any type of traveler. Services offered in apartments will also differ greatly with some accommodation facilities structured like a basic home while others add some class by incorporating room service, entertainment facilities such as a club house, swimming pool, beauty treatment, spas, gym etc. Other advantages of apartments include privacy, cool and serene environment, large enough to accommodate a large family, cheaper than hotels of the same class etc. Disadvantages include costly as compared to dorms or hostels, the sizes are mostly suited for large families and long stays etc.
Dormitories: These are the most basic forms of accommodation North America has to offer. Dormitories offer bed facilities with no or limited food service, they are well suited for an economic or budget tourist and more so for short stays. Dormitories are the most affordable accommodation facilities and are mostly located within the city centre thus offering easy and quick access to other facilities. Disadvantages of dorms include lack of good food service, no in house entertainment, and lack of privacy, lower standards of living etc.
The diverse accommodation available in North America enables any visitor to enjoy a visit to the region without worrying so much on the cost or affordability of accommodation.

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