Great Accommodation options in Latin America

The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Accommodation in Latin America
When visiting Latin America it is always better to review all the accommodation options that you can avail. In this article you will find details about all the types of accommodation options that Latin America can provide, which will help you in choosing the one which is most affordable and comfortable for you.
Great Accommodation Options in Latin America
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Hotels in Latin America
Hotels in Latin America

There are several types of hotels that you can choose from depending on your budget. There are range of hotels to choose from which include mid-range hotels and luxury hotels. There are several affordable options available.
Advantages: You get several facilities which include the privacy, security and house cleaning.
Disadvantages: The food you get is usually not that good. It is also costly to stay in hotels compared to many other options.

Hostels in Latin America give you plenty of options as they also have staffs which are well versed in many languages. The social atmosphere of the hostels is the best if you love that environment. Due to all the extra features, hostels are not usually the cheapest option but they are cheaper than any decent hotel.
Advantages: You get basic services like internet, room service at affordable prices. Also you get the nice atmosphere to make new friends.
Disadvantages: you don’t get any luxury facilities. Also it is difficult to get the security and privacy of the hotels. 
Guest Houses
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Guest Houses in Latin America
Guest Houses in Latin America
This accommodation option comes in between hotels and hostels, you went get here the crowd of hostels, but you will also not get the service of the hotels. You can choose between guest houses that provide single or multiple beds per room. Most of these guest houses are run by some family owner and thus the service they provide varies greatly.
Advantages: It is a cheap option with decent privacy and nice services.
Disadvantages: There is no reliability of the service as it is provided usually by untrained professionals. There is very less security.
These are the cheapest option of accommodation. But the cheap price also comes with nearly zero personalized service. Also these places re crowded with people. But it can save you plenty of money which you can spend at other places during the trip.
Advantages: It is the most affordable way to stay.
Disadvantages: There is zero privacy, usually security for luggage is also not reliable, and there are no services.
Private Rooms
The Best Blog Ever Travel the world RTW- Family Travel Private Rooms in Latin America
Private Rooms in Latin America
If you are going to stay for long time than it is a good option as it’s affordable and also gives you privacy. Even though the security may not be high and the service may also be highly variable.
Advantages: When staying for long time it can be very cheap, you get full privacy, security is decent.
Disadvantages: Service you get will be not t

hat good; facilities will also be very less.

This is good option if you are going to stay for longer period and can afford to pay a little extra when compared to private rooms. You get complete privacy.
Advantages: For long stays this is best option as you get full privacy. You also get the services that you can afford.
Disadvantages: Security is variable and you should have some knowledge of language and culture of Latin America.
If you are planning to visit Latin America, choosing the right accommodation from above can make plenty of impact on cost of your tour plans.

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