Great Accommodation Options in Asia

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Encompassed by the Pacific and Indian Ocean, Asia is the largest continent in the world and has over the years become a popular vacationing spot; it is home to a variety of exotic cultures, beautiful landscapes, tropical weather and diverse cuisine, all of which make it an attractive holiday destination.

More than its beautiful sights are Asia’s affordable accommodations, which are diverse as the continent and will suite a variety of interests and budgets, ranging from hotels to hostels, guest houses, Dorms, private rooms, apartments and luxurious resorts.

Ranging from $1 a night rooms to $3000 a night luxury suites and beyond, accommodation in Asia will include the following:

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Asia Guest House

Family run guesthouses- These are small, intimate and true to their names, though they are regrettably a dying breed, with most either going out of business or transforming into what is known as all dollar villas, with highly erratic service and, while some still maintain their charming images, others eventually becoming nightmares, mostly because they are run by families that have no understanding of tourism and what visitors, especially foreign tourists, want. Family run guest houses were for a long time the only or most prominent forms of accommodation in some Asian tourist spots, though all that has changed with time.

Western owned guesthouses– it is common knowledge that these are (usually) better ran, though with time, as the continent has become more sophisticated, with many insisting that westerners should neither sleep in nor own guest houses in their respective countries, it has become more difficult to distinguish between traditional family run and western run guest houses. The distinction will usually reveal itself in the management style, though most such guesthouses will employ locals to allow foreign visitors to enjoy a local touch, which was after all their purpose for visiting. The advantages of western ran guesthouses is foreigners can usually get the information they need to know rather than what the locals want them to know, hence a better choice for more independent minded tourists.

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Asia Top Hostel

Mid-range hotels/hostels/motels- There are a lot of accommodations to choose from in this category, from generic looking Asian style hotels to unique well crafted guest houses.

Upper range hotels/motels/hostels- These are usually legitimate 4 and 5 star hotels of international class, and equally costly which is why they will mostly cater to foreign visitors.

While the above can be defined as the most common categories of accommodations that can be found in most Asian vacation spots, there are several other varieties stationed within and unique to the different countries of the continent, including guest houses, Inns and villas, many of which are not only budget friendly but will include benefits such as swimming pools, free breakfast, security and internet.

Popular Asian holiday making locations include:

Malaysia– located in the South China Sea, breathtaking destination that blends culture with cuisine, natural attractions, religion, friendly people.

The Best Blog Ever travel the World RTW -family Travel with kids Budget Thailand Hotels
Thailand Hotels

Bali– beach side vacation destination, affordable, offering culture, shopping centers and the best sunsets.
Thailand – diverse beautiful beaches, sea food, bustling capital city.

As the largest and most populous continent, Asia provides a diverse grouping of accommodation options that will suite any and all types of tastes, needs and cost requirements while fulfilling every wish and longing that one could ever hope for in a fantasy holiday destination.

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