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Great Accommodation Alternatives When Traveling In Europe

You could spend a lifetime traveling around Europe and never get to know everything that it has to offer. Europe offers diverse history and culture, spectacular architecture, glorious landscapes, and incredible shopping – to name just a small fraction of its attractions. However, finding somewhere you can afford to stay in Europe can be a problem – while Europe’s hotels are some of the best in the world, they are also expensive.

One great alternative that can save you lots of money when you are traveling in Europe is to look for a timeshare. This will give you access to hotels around Europe, and you can stay at a different one each time that you return – for instance, Royal Holiday timeshare properties can be found in many different European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, the UK and Portugal. In many cases, you can actually stay at the same hotels that you would book for yourself, but you will end up paying a heavily discounted price. In other cases, timeshares will give you access to unique accommodation that you just wouldn’t be able to stay at if you went it alone.


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Another good option is to stay at a bed and breakfast when you are in Europe. These are much more intimate than hotels – the owner typically lives in the house where you are staying, and treats you as if you are a guest in their home. Bed and breakfasts typically cost about 40% of what a midrange hotel would cost, and the accommodation is usually very comfortable. As the name implies, breakfast is usually included, and some will also prepare you a packed lunch. (Image by Livebookings)

If you like meeting other travelers and really want to get to know where you are staying, then a youth hostel while there are communal living areas, private bedrooms are starting to become the norm.

If you are thinking of staying in one area for a period of time and you want all the comforts of home, then renting a house or apartment is also a great idea. As long as you are prepared to go self-catering, this can actually be much more comfortable than staying at a hotel. It is also much more economical than a hotel – particularly if you are traveling with your family. You can easily get a house that will sleep six or eight people – and you will not have to pay for each person that stays. It’s also quite easy to find a house online before you set out – Airbnb and VRBO are both good sites to find a rental property in Europe.


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