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Glimpses of the Future in Singapore

In Singapore, future has indeed arrived early with its ultra-modern infrastructure—with many more parks, skyscrapers, metro lines being constructed with each passing day. Many of these projects showcase innovative technologies that we may get to see in the confines of other countries very soon—these are effectively the ones that will probably help us deal with global challenges like those of climatic changes, in a better way.

 If you would like to get  a peep into just how fast Asia’s wealthiest country– Singapore is changing; simply head to the highest floor of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The three 56-storey towers of this monumental structure across their top by a mind blowing, 340m-longish platform that is referred to as the SkyPark. If you happen to have a room in this hotel, then you can a look forward to enjoy stunning views of the gleaming metropolis from the magnificent heights of infinity pool—the one of its kinds in the world and the most elevated too!

 The panoramic sights of Singapore are all the more breathtaking under the glitz of strong neon lights –which floodlit the city soon after sunset. It’s indeed interesting to note that most of what you get to see today in Singapore was taking birth 5 years ago. With more construction cranes marking the locations of yet-to-come newer projects that are likely to come up in  a couple of years , this city certainly has  a lot in store for locals and visitors alike.

www.holidayfans.com Glimpses of the Future in Singapore - Gardens by the Bay

 The towering heights of Marina Bay Sands overlook Marina Bay or what is now called the Marina Reservoir. This saline estuary of Singapore River has now been transformed into a large freshwater reservoir by the construction of Marina Barrage and was completed in the year 2008. This 350m dam is quite a very popular venue for picnics and strolls. Along  with serving as a giant water cistern or a reflecting pool for numerous skyscrapers of the high-rise Central Business District, it is also the focal point of a brand new recreation centre. Located close by is Gardens by the Bay –an impressive series of themed gardens. Here, you will also find the Super trees, which are an ensemble of 25 m- to 50 m tall steel structures and shaped like idealized palm trees and carpeted with plants/ vines to make vertical gardens. (Image by 达 李)

 Singapore’s Marina Bay area is actively served by Singapore’s shiny, bright metro, which is an integral part of the ever-expanding Singapore Mass Rapid Transit system. With stations built in gleaming granite and stainless steel, spacious crisply air-conditioned train cars and loads of other attractions, this city surprises its visitors—and in many more ways than one. Swanky malls, grand hotels, well landscaped parks, educational educations beyond compare, enormous and well laid out residential complexes, long stretches of roads dedicated to offices and commercial establishments, many centers of art and culture, numerous theatres  and cineplexes……….the list of future friendly buildings and monuments in this city is indeed endless.



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