Get Information about Japan Before Travelling to the Country

Japan, the land of rising sun is a unique country where the past meets the present. The country is well balanced combination of old tradition and modern values. If you are planning a trip to Japan then you must be very excited to know the various attributes of the country and various features of the land. If you do not know where to go and how to locate a place it might be troublesome for you as you are a stranger to the country.

Difficulty you might face
Being an outsider you might not know the Japanese language which could turn out to be a barrier in communicating with people. Japanese people are very helpful but how will you ask them or communicate with them if you don’t know the language. And it might add to your trouble f you don’t know where to go and you might end up wasting money and having worst experience.

How you will get help?
Before leaving for the country if visit the blog from Japan once, it will solve all your problems. Many Japanese people love to write blogs and they highlight the special features of their country in their blogs to help the travelers and for those who are interested to know about Japan. Each and every small detail of a place or how you will reach there is given on these blogs. You will also see the images so that you can identify the place.
If you read  these blogs, a small picture of Japanese culture, tradition, life style, food habits, costumes, staple food and festivals will be created and you will not feel stand alone on the land. One of the very big advantages is that you also get to know the prevailing season and which season is best to visit the country and book tickets accordingly.

Japanese Culture and Lifestyle
Japanese people value their customs very much. Where you will see tech developed high rise towers on one hand, centuries old shrines and temples will also be visible to you. They love to wear their traditional dresses on special occasions and festivals and visit temples. The old palaces of the kings are still there for the people to see. The staple food of Japan – rice, miso, sushi, vegetable pickle and noodles are very popular throughout the country. They prefer to sit on land while having meal rather than sitting on table and chair. It is an old Japanese custom to open your shoes outside the house and every Japanese house has a shoe case built outside. Many Japanese offices also follow the tradition. Whenever Japanese greets you by bowing head, you must do the same in return. It is a gesture to show respect. Another good manner includes giving and receiving a thing using both your hands.
When to visit Japan
Visit the blog from Japan once and you will get to know which the best time to visit the country is. Rainy and winter seasons are a strict no-no for making a trip to Japan. Though winter is still better, you won’t be able to enjoy the variety of their food. The best time to visit Japan is during March-April or spring season. During this period the country is in full bloom. Cherry blossom festival is celebrated and people are in festive mood. You will see lots of celebration, enjoy fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables and scenic beauty of the country.

Places to Visit
Tokyo and Osaka are the largest cities and major trade centers in the country. These are the shopping destinations for visitors and you will love to shop around. Some other best travel destinations are: Jigokudani Monkey Park, Hot Spring, Bullet Train, Toshogu Shrine at Nikko, Tokyo tower, Hiroshima memorial tomb, Kyoto, Nara, Mt. Koyasan, and Mt. Fuji. However, to get the details of how to go or which train will take you there visit the blog from Japan once.
About the Author
Hi, I am Pretzal William, aged 25 a travel guide and an avid blogger. I love to write about the places I visit and share them with rest of the world. My article highlights how you will get benefitted if visited the blog from Japan once before you take a trip to the country. For more information about the country you can connect with me on G+.

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