French Kiss- The History Of The Kiss And Why It Is Called "French Kiss"

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Kissing is most physically romantic thing two people can have. It creates an emotional fire and sweetens romance. Kissing is the interlocking of lips or using your tongue while touching someone else’s skin. Many people can’t imagine the idea of kissing without using their tongue. The thing one that should be noted is, try kissing someone a number of times before deciding how you prefer kissing your partner. Get used to the way the person kisses, before you suggest or work on new way of kissing. The first kiss should be done in an isolated area to prevent any unnecessary nervousness and embarrassment. The best kind of kiss is the one that uses many variations: start with a small kiss, work into a deep kiss, probably sucking your partner’s lips, and then try the other 2 types. Don’t always leave the kissing to the lips, try kissing their cheeks, chin or eyelids. This can be very romantic and seductive. A good thing to note is that every person kisses differently and prefers different ways of kissing. Many people love and always imagine about the French kiss.
French Kiss
A French kiss is a deep type of kiss that involves the participant’s tongue touching their partner’s lips or tongue, as they enter their mouths. It is a slow and passionate way of kissing and is considered to be romantic, intimate, erotic and sexual. The touch brings sensitivity and always results to pleasure.
History of the French Kiss
The big questions that pops up in most lovers is where French kissing came from, how it was started and who started it? Most people think that it originated from France but there is no staunch evidence that that is where it bears its origin. The term was a disrespectful one, which started at the time when the British and French were not in good terms. There was a criticism that French’s shows were thought to be immoral, while the British were somewhat clean and of moral standards. The British kept their affection shows behind doors. Anything that was described as “French” was usually thought as negative, for example, “Pardon French“, which was used after a morally offensive speech. Another thought that was also derogatory, pointed that the French loved to stick their tongues in places they were least wanted. This means that they liked to interfere with other people’s conversations.
Plautus, The Latin poet (around 200 BC), described a certain type of ‘French Kissing’-the idea of turning someone into a serpent and giving them two tongues. And in ‘1001 Nights’, The Scheherazade talks of a woman pressing her lips hard against her lover’s, and she catches him unaware, forcing his lips apart and opening his mouth wide open. In the 19th century, there is also information about the ‘French Kiss’ being talked of. However, it was seen in modern times printed in ‘Private Lindner’s Letters’, which was uncensored and published 1918. Nowadays, the term “French Kiss” is popularly known to have been brought back into the English world by those soldiers returning after the 1st world war in Europe. They described their good adventures, and showed their girlfriends and wives what they learnt abroad.
It is so called the “French Kiss” because the French were highly reputed for more passionate and adventurous sex practices. 
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Florentine kiss
It is referred to as the baiser amourex (or the lover’s kiss) or baiser avec la langue (or kissing with the tongue). But, in the past it was also referred to as baiser florentin (or Florentine kiss). “Galocher“-kiss with tongues, a word from the Petit Robert (French dictionary), which was released on May 30, 2013 became the first one word to describe the act.
Human kiss because the practice feel good. The tongue and lips are filled with nerve endings that make you feel the sensual pleasure, and enjoy it. Kissing well in a slow and seductive way can yield good results in a relationship. The way you kiss someone on the first time can make them remember you, especially those people you meet for a short time e.g. in public travel facilities, elevators etc. A onetime French kiss will be hard to forget. Try the best way that pleases you partner.


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