Five of the Finest World Class Resorts for a Carefree Holiday

Vacationing is truly important especially after a season of working extremely hard. It is good to take some time off, sit back, relax and do nothing at all except breathe and think about everything and nothing at all. This is the best thing about taking a carefree holiday. You have to do nothing at all but just chilling and doing everything you like doing such as spas, all day entertainment, and eat as much as you appetite allows. If you are a big fan of marvelous cuisine, all you can eat Inclusive Holidays is the best ways for you to enjoy your vacation. Luckily you are open to so many options all over the world. Some of the best countries to visit for your holiday include:

A Mediterranean holiday – Turkey

Turkey is a truly amazing place with mind bending sceneries to enjoy. Dining facilities are definitely in no short supply in this country and so are the all-inclusive resorts. Voyage Bodrum however stands out prominently from the many. The minute you set foot near the resort you will feel its beckoning hospitality. The food is excellent, with a wide array of local and international dishes. The guys at this resort clearly redefine hospitality- they are so friendly and helpful, if you are a paranoid person you are bound to think they have an ulterior motive. At Voyage Bodrum you can laze around as much as you want.

Europe’s finest -Bulgaria

Bulgaria is just next to Turkey- funny enough. It is one of those countries that are worth visiting at least a couple of times in your lifetime. This country is packed with an awesome lot of beautiful sceneries that you would never get enough of. Everything from the clean shores of the Black Sea to the striking peaks of the Pirin Mountain is just amazing. While you are in Bulgaria, you can stay at the Sol Luna Bay Resort or the Laguna Park Hotel. There are many other resorts in Bulgaria but these two stand out for some people (majority). This is mainly because of the exceptional service you will receive. The Laguna Park Hotel is adjacent to an unspoiled sandy beach and has amazing cuisine from just about all parts of this globe (image  by jubewong).

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Family Travel Holiday Vacation Travel Blog - Five of the Finest World  Class Resorts for a Carefree Holiday

The world is moving to Dubai

Dubai is quickly become the most popular vacation destination for most people. When you visit the Flora Grand Hotel you will find out why. For an exceptional carefree holiday in Dubai, the Flora is the place to visit. The prices are not as exorbitant as in most other hotels and guess what; you will be treated to awesome service.

Terrific Thailand

A holiday in Thailand will prove to be surely one of a kind. This is especially if you are in places like Chaweng. Chaweng is crazy- most of the time but just a few minutes out, you will find the Nora Buri Resort and Spa. This beach resort is clearly a pace setter. Everything from the scrumptious breakfast buffets to the impossibly clean and beautiful pools. In fact if you have been planning to take a cooking class, you can do so here. But then again, you are on a carefree vacation- do nothing (image by IDEE_PER_VIAGGIARE).

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Family Travel Holiday Vacation Travel Blog - 5 of the Finest World  Class Resorts for a Carefree Holiday

Marvelous Malaysia

Malaysia is also endowed with lots of things to see and places you can call home– even when you are clearly nowhere near home. The Danna Langkawi is one of those places you can describe as heaven on earth. The luxury you will get to have here is clearly not from this planet. The hotel will provide you with a view of the sea that will leave your jaw wide open and your eyes about to pop.

Generally, if you want to enjoy a great carefree holiday, you have to start from home. The way you leave your country to get to the resorts listed above will determine just how much you will enjoy the vacation. Flying fast class is the ultimate way to begin your carefree holiday. You know first class flights are just so comfortable and free of hustles.


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