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Famous Philippine Festivals

Planning to travel to the Philippines? Here’s a list of the famous festivals that the country has to offer. And the great news is festivals in the country runs all year around. Since Philippines is an archipelago composed for 7,107 islands which are usually far apart, each island had its own culture, beliefs and faith which influences the origin of Filipino festivals.

The Masskara Festival of Bacolod City, Negros Occidental

Home of the most famous chicken inasal (Chicken Barbecue) Bacolod City is the one hosting the Masskara festival which originated during the early 1980’s. The festival begun when the sugar industry crashed along with the tragic accident that occurred on the 22nd of April when the MV Don Juan vessel sank carrying most of the prominent personas in the city with a shocking 700 deaths, still the people’s resilience took its toll and the local artist along with the government stood up and decided to hold a festival of smiles that would mask the series of tragic events that occurred during those time.  The festival is celebrated by wearing bright colorful masks and costumes while participating locals would dance through the streets going to the city’s plaza like the ones they do during Mardi Gras in Brazil. The event is held during the 3nd weekend of October and would usually fall on the 19th.

www.holidayfans.com Famous Philippine Festivals - Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival-Cebu City

Home of the country’s famous lechon (roasted pork) Cebu City’s Sinulog festival is also one of the most known festival worldwide. This festival is held every third Sunday of January to pay respect to Philippines pagan origin and their conversion to Roman Catholicism which started when Ferdinand Magellan came into the native shores and started converting people’s pagan beliefs to Roman Catholicism.  The city celebrates this festival with a dance parade around Cebu but was later on moved to Mandaue Sports Complex.  Parade Participants would wear native costumes of tribe that first inhabited the island and would dance around with cymbals, trumpets and drums while chanting re-enacting the event of which natives were converted. (Image by Constantine Agustin)

www.holidayfans.com Famous Philippine Festivals - Higantes Festival

Higantes Festival in Angono, Rizal

 Celebrated to commemorate the Patron Saint of the fishermen San Clemente Higantes Festival is one of the festivals that’s starting to make a name in the international scene. Its celebrated by the locals every 23rd of November in Angono Rizal, this festival is celebrated with a parade of the devotees carrying his image during the procession along with other participants wearing fisherman outfits with wooden shoes carrying fishing materials. But what made this festival stand out is the parade of giants which stands 10-12 feet tall and 4-5 feet in diameter. The giant paper mache is carefully crafted by its artist which is then painted with playful vibrant colors that would attract audiences from afar. These giants are then worn by one of each participant that would join the parade.  (Image by Dave Deluria)

So these are the top three Philippine festivals that made its name on the international scene. And once again if you’re planning to travel and go to the Philippine islands it is best to brows through the internet and check out what the city has in store for you. Who knows, there might be another festival coming your way.


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