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Exploring Discovery Cove with your Kids in Orlando?

There are few places one would want to visit with their kids more in Orlando that the Discovery Cove Park. Saying the park is one of a kind is a gross understatement. This park offers services unlike any in the world, and their service delivery is one of the most celebrated in the country. The nature of the services offered in this park make it the ideal family getaway. They offer an all inclusive service, meaning one ticket covers all the activities available. The kids get to swim with dolphins, go bird watching and exploring, snorkel with exotic fish, and at the end of an exhausting day relax on the beach. As famous as they are, they only allow a limited number of visitors into the park daily. To avoid disappointments, one is advised to book as early as possible.

The biggest attraction the park offers is of course swimming with the dolphins. One of the reasons it is so popular is that the guests get as much as 30 minutes swimming with dolphins. Dolphins are friendly animals, and get along very well with humans. However, many parks only have them doing tricks for the visitors. The dolphin swim begins with a ten minute orientation before a small group goes into the water to familiarize. At the end, guests will swim with the experts to the deeper end to be towed back on a dolphin’s back.(image by William Warby)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - swimming with the dolphins Discovery Cove with your Kids in Orlando

The next attraction is snorkeling, which normally happens at the park coral reef. The park owners provide their guests with snorkeling equipment with which they can go under water and observe and interact with the many species up close under water. The coral reef boasts of thousands of species of tropical fish and other water animals.

If one is not the swimming or the snorkeling type, then they should not lose hope. There are attractions for everyone. They do not have to go into the water to see the beautiful fish in their natural habitat. There is a huge tank behind protective glass inside which one can see tiger fish and a shark. The tiger fish is as long as four feet.

For the nature explorers, there is the free flight aviary. This is the bird watcher paradise, and one can find more than 200 species of birds with which they can interact. One is allowed to take photos of the birds, interact with them and even feed them. One can find such exotic species as toucans and parrots.

If one is into just swimming and relaxing, without all the distractions and the nature butting in, then they are in for a treat. One can sit back and relax in the beach areas, and get the chance to swim in their tropical river. The excusive ticket allows one access to all these areas, with some tickets even allowing access to sister parks in other areas. All through the visit, meals and snacks are available, and one gets to rent the equipment for free.(Image by Lee)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - tropical river Discovery Cove with your Kids in Orlando

The internet makes it easy to purchase tickets to explore Discovery Cove and get your family on the road to fun. Everything here is absolutely safe, with experts around to advice and help. They even have facilities for the disabled.


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