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Don’t Leave your Home without Insurance

There is nothing like legal language and fine prints to put a dampener on your spontaneous travel itineraries—but then, experts argue that if you cannot afford travel insurance then you cannot afford to travel. Though finding the most suitable policy is not always easy, remember that most travel insurance plans are well equipped to  protect your travel investments and ensure that you get medical help and don’t lose out, if things go wrong.

 Whether you are left with lost or stolen baggage, get tick-borne encephalitis, Delhi belly or end up finding yourself in an accident –do know that you can get help without having to pay stiff medical bills at the end of the road. So, get ready to choose a policy that helps you get peace of mind. In all probability, it could save your life! Read on for some worthwhile details and tips.

Does it cost to be travel uninsured?

In the event of illness or a serious injury, insurance payouts can fall  into the tune of thousands of US dollars. For instance, an  uninsured Australian who is unfortunately injured in Alabama may end up at the mercy of effective but highly expensive American health care system–the cases of a British backpacker requiring an airlift from the lap of  Himalayas or a Canadian being bitten by a ferocious rabid dog in Rwanda also ring true. If you consider the monetary compensations of these situations, the advantages of travel insurance become clear.

However, high prices do not always mean the best cover. So, it is wise to list out the aspects of travel insurance policies that prove to be important to you. It is indeed pointless paying up for a premium that reduces car rental excess if you are not driving, or covers your luggage when all you lug around is a dodgy mp3 player and a backpack full of dirty socks, or a little more.

Removing options or lessening limits often reduces the premium you pay.

What should your travel insurance ideally cover?

Emergency medical coverage is by far the most important part of your travel insurance. As Insurance policies tend to vary, it is wise to read the small prints carefully and get an insight into exactly what is covered. If you are suffering from certain pre-existing medical conditions that are likely to affect your claim, then you should be aware of the repercussions beforehand. Travelers with terminal illness or heart conditions are required to offer requisite medical evidences and other documents before they can be offered a policy. Off-piste skiers, outdoor and extreme sports enthusiasts and bungee jumpers should indulge in a thorough research and have prior knowledge about the extent of coverage available for their activities.

Insurance premiums are generally calculated on the basis of age, destination, origin and duration of travel—with different destinations of the world being divided into diverse zones. While some providers end up offering ‘unlimited’ medical coverage for higher premiums, others may help you with cheaper policies that might cover an amount up to US$10 million.

There is  a lot more that you need to know before stepping out –its best to contact your local travel insurance provider, today!


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    We couldn’t agree more about how important travel insurance is, regardless of the duration of one’s trip. Just have to say that you have shared some great insights and tips for travelers!

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