Discover Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Yellowstone National Park is characterized by s striking natural landscape that feature amazing terrain, thermal areas like hot springs and geysers and other natural innumerable surprises that you will find almost on every step. Located in Montana this park is a must visit, you will be among the thousands of tourists who come out elated and wishing they had more time to spend in the park.

Yellowstone Attractions

Yellowstone history is quite unique and interesting; don’t be surprised to hear it’s the world’s first ever national park which was demarcated in 1872 and declared as a national park. The park further functions as a UNESCO heritage which is mapped on the world maps because of its great significance. Many tourist have name it as a basket full of beauty and natural diversity at its best you therefore ought to explore it, geothermal features of boiling mud pools alongside plenty of wildlife with wolves, grizzly bears, elks and herd of bison’s, you will definitely have a lot of busy times snapping those cute photos for long term memory. This makes Yellowstone a picturesque National Park.

Geography and Yellowstone Activities

Yellowstone is located in western states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana and is continuing growing as a lively center full of tourist activities which increase yearly, you can therefore expect to get master piece of tourist activities owing to the many years the park has served as a tourist attraction site. There are innumerable holiday options which attract these tourists besides the natural occurring hot springs, geysers and other geothermal features. You can also get to the unique shows that are hosted on its terrains, swimming activities, fishing, wildlife viewing, hiking and camping among others in the utmost closeness of Mother Nature. We however recommend that despite your option; remember to comply with the rules as it’s still a National Park. You will be more than pleased to find help or assistance from rangers should need arise. Discover Yellowstone National Park, Montana -  Old Faithful

What to see

In Yellowstone National park, this is still a debatable issue as there are numerous of options that really depend on where you start your sightseeing, however, expect schedules with Mammoth, Madison and Noris, Geyser basins among them the Old Faithful, Tower Roosevelt, Canyon, Lake Area and Grant Village among others. There are also plenty of wildlife species that you will get to see while in the national park. (Image by Yellowstone Vacations) Discover Yellowstone National Park, Montana - Grant Village

Hotels and Restaurants

Ever since when the park commenced in its operations, there has been a commendable increase in the number of hotels which is attributed to the increasing number of tourists every year. We however recommend that one should not overlook to make reservations because the hotels are in plenty, this is especially during the peak season, you might get yourself missing out at the end of the day. The hotels are relatively affordable and they feature everyone’s budget so you don’t have to be afraid. In terms of meals and delicacies, simply expect the best out of their restaurants. There is food from all over the continent but don’t stick to your countries food, try out some other delicacies too. The park features air conditioned rooms, airport picks, drop facilities, car rentals, restaurants, spas, clubs and swimming pools. (Image by Janet Crum)

Yellowstone National Park is a must visit, you will love the totally different life time experience; you can also consider to get to the white sands of Panama City. Carry your family with you too; they will definitely love the outdoors.


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Featured image courtesy by Frank Kovalchek


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