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Crusing Australia By RV- 5 Things To Consider

If you are looking for fun filled crazy and unforgettable adventure, get on wheels for Australian road trips. Road tripping is of the most excellent ways to explore the scenic coast and picturesque Outback; however with long roads going to be your friends for long, you would want to plan everything beforehand. Road trips in RV can be as isolated and as long as you wish them to be.

You can either opt a short and pleasing road trip with stopovers in luxurious hotels or give it a continental touch packed with local back country camping. You will certainly love the ride as Australia is thoroughly fascinating.(Image by vissi87 )

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - luxurious hotels Melbourne Crusing Australia By RV- 5 Things To Consider

Some of most inviting destinations are:

Sydney- Melbourne- 5 days trip (N.S.W to Vic.)

Day 1. Sydney – Jervis Bay, 3 hours drive, Approx. 222 km
Day 2. Jervis Bay – Tilba Tilba, 2.5 hours, Approx 205 km
Day 3. Tilba Tilba – Gipsy Point, 2.5 hours, Approx 203 km
Day 4. Gipsy Point – Metung, 2.75, Approx 225 km
Day 5. Metung – Melbourne, 4 hours, Approx 312 km

Alice Springs – Alice Springs, 5 days trip (N.T.)

Day 1. Alice Springs – Glen Helen, 1.75 hours, Approx 130 km
Day 2. Glen Helen – King’s Canyon, 3.5 hours, Approx 260 km
Day 3. King’s Canyon – Uluru, 4 hours, 300km
Day 4. Stay at Kata Tjuta and Uluru.
Day 5. Uluru – Alice Springs, 5 hours, 445 km

Melbourne – Melbourne, 4 days, (Vic.)

Day 1. Melbourne – Apollo Bay, 3 hours, Approx 182 km
Day 2. Apollo Bay – Port Fairy, 3 hours, Approx 189 km
Day 3. Port Fairy – Halls Gap, 2.5 hours, Approx 158 km
Day 4. Halls Gap – Melbourne, 3.5 hours, Approx 248 km

Excited! But, packing bags wouldn’t be enough. You need to give some extra to following things:

Your Wheels On the Go:

If you are looking for a vehicle that suits your needs, go for bigger ones like RV. Vehicles like RV or SUV, serve as a great option for long road trips. Don’t forget the quantity of your luggage. You may also install a GPS navigation system in your vehicle or use the traditional way to track ways- the map. Never think of running a RV that is lacks insurance coverage. You are not going to ride on bitumen roads, so better pick a vehicle with insurance to stay covered of all the potential risks.(Image by Mark)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - road trip Crusing Australia By RV- 5 Things To Consider
Sweet Adobe- Camping Tools and ItemsWhen on road trips, you would never like to stretch your tired bodies on the stiff seats of RV. This is why you need to be equipped with a camping gear. Camping means being a part of wilderness and enjoying the beautiful whether of the location. People, who love road trips and camping, can not overlook the continental Australian beauty. Your camping gear must include the following things: free charge 12v charger, scrubba wash bag, cook set with light kettle, LED flashlight hats, mosquito repellent, compass, pocket grill and solar powered light bulbs. With these things, you are likely to face troubles ahead. So, better be equipped and stay stress free.

Never Underestimate the “TIME”

You will never get enough of the sights and picturesque beauty of Australia. They will lure you to look for more and indulge in the splendor, but time waits for none. You need to keep up the rush to reach the planned destinations; otherwise you’ll end up straggled in car troubles or may be no food or no place to stay. Therefore, match up the time; track the distance and time between places to avoid unwanted troubles.


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