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Are you stuck and wondering where you should go for cruising next? A cruise is normally considered to be one of the best ways enjoying the holiday; without having the hassle of having to organize the entire trip. The only tough part of planning a cruise is usually deciding where to go. When it comes to deciding on where to cruise, all you need to bear in mind is what destination best appeals to you. Some of the five greatest cruising destinations attraction includes Alaska, Mexico, Hong Kong, Hawaii and Caribbean’s.
1. Caribbean
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Caribbean Cruise
Caribbean Cruise
The Caribbean is usually a picture perfect place as it is characterized by the sun, sand and the sea. It offers one the opportunity of hoping from one idyllic island to another. It is also coupled with a number of sporting activities which include jet skiing, diving, snorkeling and kayaking. It also features a number of itineraries. The sparkling blue sea and the white sands featured with the gorgeous sun makes you wish you were born in the Caribbean. It is of no surprise that the Caribbean is one of the greatest and most sought destinations for cruising. 
2. Hawaii
Cruising in the tranquil waters of Hawaii can be a really magical experience. Cruising in Hawaii allows voyagers to view the dramatically cleaved, green clad volcanic cliffs that seem to drop down to the sea. The good thing about Hawaii is that it is characterized by tropical climate; which means that you can visit it at any time of the year.
Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Mexico Cruise
Mexico Cruise
3. Mexico
There are usually different options for cruises when it comes to Mexico. Acapulco, Vallarta and Puerto usually come alive accompanied with strong margaritas and very lively mariachi bands. Each of these coasts does feature amazing beaches. The best time to visit Mexico is usually considered to be in November through April. This is because during this time the weather is less humid and cooler.  And if you are into cultural experiences, see The Story Of The Mayan Culture In Mexico And Guatemala
4. Alaska
Alaska is a great place to cruise for those who love adventure. It is characterized by the most awe-inspiring glaciers, wildlife and mountains. It is the perfect place for picturesque scenery. There is a host of activities which you can engage in which include dog sledding and wildlife tours. It is only in Alaska that you can best learn about the Americans who originated from Alaska. Are you looking for breath taking scenery, exploration, wildlife and a bit of history thrown in? Then Alaska is the place for you. It’s definitely one of the best cruising destinations, attraction. The best time to visit Alaska is said to be between June and August.   See related article Alaska – The Fishing Industry and the Job Opprtunity.
5. Hong Kong
If you want to immerse your self in some of the greatest surroundings then Hong Kong is the best place to cruise. It is characterized by natural wonders and enchanting wildlife. The area is blessed with a all year round warm climate. There are also a number of itineraries that do cover the region.
Before you decide to go for a cruise at any place of your preference it is always good to get more information about the place you are intending to go. You can also look out for offers and discounts which will save you some extra money.


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