Country Roads Take Me Home – The Beauty of Denver, Colorado

“Country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong…” this popular John Denver song will linger in your ear as you plan your vacation to Denver, Colorado. Though you can stay connected with home as you travel, you’ll feel instantly at home in Denver. The rocky mountains of Denver continue to wonder visitors and travellers all over the world because of their natural beauty, majestic sights and the beautiful places and interesting things to do. So if you are looking for a weekend near the Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking near the banks of the Shenandoah River or simply driving down the road to Rocky Mountains, here are some of the beautiful facts about Denver Colorado to keep you company.

1. Scenic Trail Ridge Road

The most popular attraction in your trip to the Rocky Mountains is the scenic drive to Trail Ridge Road. Ranked as the best and recommended by more visitors that visit the park year after year. From this popular road you will have an unobstructed view of the mountain top as well as the entire valley. The air is crisp and clean but be wary about changing weather conditions that could happen within minutes as you enjoy the heavenly view.

2. Lovely Lilly Lake

Lilly Lake is possibly the best places in the area where you can commune, have fun and fish. There is a clear trail all the way to the banks of the river and once you get there, the view is exhilarating as you see it in online! The shores of Lilly Lake are perfect for a picnic and day camping activities with the entire family. And though you can find things to do on vacation that may eventually require some financial assistance to afford your travels, pleasures like these are absolutely free.

3. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most popular natural places to visit in the US. Aside from 359 miles of hiking trails and 585 campsites, the park is the home to 280 species of birds and about 60 types of mammals that roam freely in the park. Be ready to greet elk, big horn sheep, coyotes, black bears and mule deer. It would help if you visit the park services office or visitor centers (there are 5 visitor centers in the park premises) for orientation on what to do with wildlife.

4. The Continental Divide and other natural wonders

A demarcation of the flow of water between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean runs through the park. The highest point in the park is at the top of Longs Peak which is about 14,259 feet. This park is not just one of the most beautiful parks in the country but it is also boasts of a variety of things to do because of its different climates; visitors may hike, snowboard, ski cross country, engage in mountaineering activities and so many more.

5. Country Road Lyrics

Yes, John Denver’s popular song Country Road pertains to the natural scenery in Denver, Colorado. This was released as a single in 1971 but continues to inspire people to visit and enjoy the wonders of Rocky Mountain to this day.
Visiting the Rocky Mountains in Denver is now easy with a variety of hotel accommodations nearby. It is recommended that you book in advance since the park offers activities whole year round to tourists. You can easily find a great hotel in Denver in advance to make your vacation time more uncluttered with last-minute logistics. Booking early will help you take advantage of the best sights and thrills of Rocky Mountain on your next vacation.
So while you may love San Francisco and other US cities, Denver, Colorado offers you a world, unlike any other, that, without a doubt, you will fall instantly in love with. “Country roads, take me home. To the place, I belong…” Cheers!
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