Checking out the Best of Texas

Want to see the very best that the US has to offer? Then rather than visiting those coastal tourist traps of New York, Florida and California, the state of Texas has gained a global reputation for being a quintessentially American state.

From the famous cattle ranches to futuristic space centres, Texas is an often unexplored gem. And so here’s a rundown of top Texan attractions that also include cool musical festivals and ways that you can check out the betting odds for some seriously American sporting events.

Amazing Austin

Often known as one of the hipster capitals of the US, Austin has long-enjoyed a great reputation for cultivating the weird and wonderful. From providing us with musical legends such as Townes Van Zandt and Daniel Johnston, it has also become one of the global epicentres of music thanks to the pioneering SxSW Festival that runs from 11 to 20 March.

Austin Texas

The fact that Texas is just over the border from Mexico also grants the opportunity to sample some of the world famous Tex-Mex cuisine that includes the delectable, but strangely-divisive breakfast taco.

Houston hospitality

Just on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico lies the huge city of Houston. This massive metropolis is surprisingly diverse and receives thousands of visitors each year thanks to the amazing Houston Space Center that gives you the opportunity to experience the thrill of a simulated space launch – just be sure to get a CityPASS for up to 50% off many Houston attractions.


This springtime also sees Houston hosting the final of the American college basketball March Madness competition. This massive competition provides a good chance to get to grips with all of the spectacle, glamour and patriotism of a big American sporting event. And by visiting you can be assured of all of the best news, tips and information about March Madness and all other major US sporting occasions.

Other attractions

Texas is such a huge state that there’s little chance that you could ever see all of the sights, but the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas provides a sobering recounting of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Whereas history fans would also be well-served by taking a trip to the Alamo in San Antonio that was a pivotal part in the evolution of this fiercely individual state.

And with a range of other great attractions such as spending a day on a dude ranch, or even just checking out the betting odds on Texas’ three great basketball teams, you’ll never be bored in the amazing state of Texas.


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