Check Out These Incredible Las Vegas Views!

Want to do a little sightseeing? Take postcard worthy snaps? Then head to Las Vegas. The views will take your breath away. Just picture it! An endless sea of lights, a stunning desert backdrop, and the never-ending shuffle of life. If you are going on vacation…. treat yourself to some unforgettable views. From restaurants to observation towers and a few iconic sights. These are the very best views Vegas has to offer.


The Top of the World Restaurant. There are many things to do on vacation. Like take a sightseeing tour of Las Vegas, spend time at the casino, or enjoy a fantastic meal. Planning to do the latter? Then make sure the restaurant you choose gives you a spectacular view. The Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere hotel will do just that. It gives visitors a complete view of the strip. The restaurant actually revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes. By the time you’re done your meal, you will have seen it all. Not a bad way to check out the magic and wonder of Las Vegas.  The Top of the World Restaurant

The Bellagio Hotel Fountains. Many of the views on this list feature a stunning look at the Las Vegas Strip. This next must see view? Comes from one of the most luxurious hotels in the area. The Bellagio is known for its incredible décor and spacious rooms. Along with its iconic fountain show. This show will give you the chance to take incredible photos. Jets of water reach heights of 460 feet. All perfectly timed to music. At night? You can add lights to the mix. The fountain show is something that cannot be missed. Be sure to check it out. Shows run every half hour from 3pm to 8pm and every fifteen minutes from 8pm to midnight. You will never forget it!


The Eiffel Tower Experience. One of the great things about Las Vegas? All of the exquisitely themed hotels. Each one is so full of detail that it feels like you have been transported to another place. One excellent example of this is the Paris hotel. Everything about it screams: Paris! Including the Eiffel Tower Experience. Here you can enjoy the observation deck. It gives you a full city view – with guides available to point out landmark spots. This is a great way to get a good look at Vegas and get a little romantic. What could be better than a picturesque view (and a souvenir photo) with someone special? Not much.

The Eiffel Tower las vegas

Other Memorable Las Vegas Views:

  • For a fun night out (that gives you a spectacular view) head to the VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub over at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel. You can dance the night away in style.
  • Looking for views? The Playboy Club is another great. Located in the Palms Casino, there are massive windows that give you a peek at the never-ending sea of lights below.
  • The Venetian Hotel simply cannot be skipped. There are canals, gondolas, massive columns, and so much more. You will think you have arrived in Venice. So make sure to have your camera ready.


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