www.holidayfans.com Beginner Guide Winter Action - The 4 Coolest Ski Sites in Europe

Beginner Guide Winter Action – The 4 Coolest Ski Sites in Europe

Over the years Europe has easily maneuvered up to be one of the most coveted for places to go for winter sports, with its more major winter sport countries, Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy you will definitely love the vacation in Europe. Europe secret has been the dignified Alp Mountains which has some of the best dizzying heights as well as ridges that never fall short of snow, this implies that winter sports are held all round the year.


Italy is ideally located in a substantial serving of ice which makes it a paradise as far as winter sports are concerned. Italy features Dolomites which stretch over 1220 km of ski slopes in about 12 regions. You are guaranteed to find snow slopes as the area has artificial snow systems; the sun is also available 8 times in every 10 days. Italian are very good in maintenance, you will find the trails just as smooth and well maintained as the Italian highways, the trails are immaculate white in addition to being sunny most of the time. It is however important to note that not all areas are operation all round the year, some just operate in summer. If you are considering going for winter sports in Italy, North West will is considered as the best place for winter vacations. Italian resorts will be there to spoil you with charm courtesy of the innate hospitality of the Italians as well as their friendship nature and positive attitude towards all they do.

www.holidayfans.com Beginner Guide Winter Action - The 4 Coolest Ski Sites in Europe - Austria


Winter sports happen to be part of Austria traditions with skiing being their favorite. People consider its grounds as the cradle of skiing owing to the nice white sports that distinguish the area. In addition to having unique winter vacations, you will definitely love its great attractions and plenty of skiing areas that range from family, intimate, large all the way to international prepared slopes. The glaciers make Austria’s to host winter sports for 365 days every year, there are also plenty of auxiliary programs as well as ski kindergartens which make Austria ideal for families. (Image by Keith Hudson)


Italy has its Dolomites as well as Dolce Vita but France has Mont Blanc and JE NE SAIS QUOI . French’s winter sports and ski resorts may not be as picturesque as Austria’s or Italy’s but they have some of the coolest ski resorts that you can find in entire Europe, these are characterized by their right accommodation that complement the nice slopes the country has to offer. With more than 20 years in the tradition of ski resorts except the best to come from France, quality service, long winter seasons as well as the Alps with their varied ski areas make France the place to be.

www.holidayfans.com Beginner Guide Winter Action - The 4 Coolest Ski Sites in Europe -  St Moritz


The country stands as the queen of ski destinations courtesy of its luxurious endless trails, special atmosphere, mountain villages, mountain trains that are located at the highest elevation point in whole Europe which is are 3400 meters, will make you fall in love with Switzerland. St Moritz and Zermatt are the best places to get the best winter sports in Switzerland. they also happen to be the most famous mountain sport areas in the whole world. (Image by Nic Oatridge)

You definitely have every reason to go for your next winter sport vacation in Europe, you will definitely fall in love with what Europe has in store for you.


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