Alaska – The Fishing Industry and the Job Opprtunity

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Alaska has over 3 million lakes, around 3,000 rivers and a coastline of staggering 34,000 miles. With these natural resources, it is not a wonder that Alaska will be considered as a heaven for fishing. In fact, Alaska is considered to be one of the most bountiful regions in terms of fishing around the world. In Alaska, you’ll be able to find all the five types of Salmon that you can find in the Pacific Ocean, a lot of ground-fish, various types of shrimps, four kinds of crabs, various species of herring, Pacific halibut and sable fish. Not only is the region full of resources when it comes to fishing, Alaska is one of the best managed fishing spots around the globe. It is a part of the culture of the Alaskans that they manage their businesses well and when it comes to their habits such as fishing, they are really good at it.
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Fishing Industry In Alaska
The fishing industry in Alaska is responsible for most of the jobs in the region. It is so vast that the industry acts as one of the driving forces in the regional economy. Pollock fishery of Alaska is the largest fishery in the world. It harvests around 1,252,000 million tons of harvest which ultimately ends up being 2.7 billion pounds each year. On top of that, the salmon fishing industry of Alaska is the largest in the world as per all the governing bodies of fisheries.
Alaska is a region that supports its fishermen and fishing businessmen tremendously. In this largest commercial fishing economy in the world, people in the fishing industry are very well paid. The total industry of fishing and related fields sum up to a staggering $4.6 billion, as the data of 2009 suggests. Considering individual places within Alaska, Bristol Bay should be named. It is the largest fishery in the world for sockeye salmon. As a result it is considered to be the most valuable single fishery for salmons in Alaska. The southeast region of Alaska sees more harvesting of pink salmon.
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Southeast Region of Alaska
After salmon, the most valuable fishing sub industry lies within the Shellfish. Bering Sea contributes a lot on this regard. In these regions, the fisheries are managed by the state department of Alaska and it incorporates lots of jobs in the process. The state also manages the harvesting of ground fish and herring. The state is providing some level on attention on these two seafood products because they bring in variety in the total harvest that is made by Alaska. Some of the harvest such as sable fish is considered to be very valuable once finished with processing.
Alaska doesn’t only have a lot of fish to catch each year; it creates a lot of job opportunities through the meticulous management of the state authority as well as the growth of the businesses working in the fishing industry. As a result the fishing industry in Alaska is a very lucrative place for the people who are looking for fishing jobs. For the locals, they have the habit of fishing within their blood since it has been passed down from generations as a dear culture from ancient times.

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