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Africa- How Bad the AIDS Is?

Many tourists prefer visiting Africa as it offers them a wide range of adventurous activities. While some tourists prefer to go on a safari to enjoy the natural scenic beauty of Africa, the more adventurous tourists often opt to spend their time with the local tribes like the Masasi to understand their culture and habits better.

Most tourists upon reaching Africa often discover to their amazement that the people are very warm, friendly and hospitable. Since African culture varies a lot from other cultures, many tourists find the slow lifestyle pace in Africa to be completely relaxing.

The food habits of the African tribes are also very different from what one might usually expect as all the locals that the tourist meets belong to one tribe or the other. Therefore their food habits are quite traditional and is the food preparation method. It is quite interesting to note that African food should be eaten only with the right hand in order to avoid causing any embarrassment to yourself. Many tourists intelligently read up on the customs and habits practiced in Africa before landing there to make sure that they do not have to face any unpleasant situation during their trip.(Image by Shohel Udes)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - African food Africa- How Bad the AIDS Is

Although Africa provides a sense of excitement and adventure to the tourist, there is also a major problem that is ravaging the continent. Aids is silently sweeping across Africa despite the many efforts of activists and medical professionals.

Aids epidemic in Africa

According to the statistics taken in 2011, about 96% of the world’s total Aids population is located in Africa. This figure brings forward the shocking fact that Africa is home to the world’s largest Aids afflicted population. This is a result of unawareness among the people and also due to the lack of adequate medical facilities.

African future is at risk

Another disturbing fact is that more that 91% of the world’s Aids afflicted children are in Africa. What this means is that due to lack of medical facilities and antiretroviral drugs pregnant women are passing on the disease to their children. As a result, the future of Africa is looking bleak as there seems to no definite end to this deadly cycle of Aids being transmitted from the parent to the child.

Economic consequences

Aids epidemic has brought down the life expectancy in Africa to nearly 49 years which is a huge blow to the continent. As the younger generations get afflicted with this dreaded disease the older generations are dying out slowly due to lack of medical supplies. This is dealing a severe blow to the economic development of the region as there are simply not enough healthy people in Africa to build up their economy.

Remedial Measures required

In order to preserve the rich African culture from dying out it is very essential for the world to take notice of Africa’s plight and help it in its fight against Aids. The main reason for the spread of this epidemic is due to rampant illiteracy among the population. Many activists are now taking steps to ensure that the people are better informed about the reasons for the spread of the disease and the importance of using contraceptives.

Positive changes

Through continued efforts, there are many positive changes that are being observed in Africa. The younger generation is especially more informed when compared to their parents about Aids. Also relief supplies containing the very essential antiretroviral drugs are now being supplied to a majority of the afflicted population.(Image by BostonAIDSAfrica)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - africa aids Africa- How Bad the AIDS Is

Although Africa hasn’t yet won the battle against Aids, the efforts of the activists and medical professionals along with the co operation and understanding of the local population is now being viewed as a positive change that promises a better future for Africa.


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