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Act Adventurous in Terrific Tenerife

“A rat …… giant as a cat?”

I remember repeating these words in as calm a manner as I could. Almost a kilometer under the ground, a smooth basalt tube had disappeared into the stone-age like metro system on my left. In near pitch black, my guide had informed me that the small ”twig” that I had been rolling in my hand was actually a bone from a giant rat……. Thankfully, he proceeded to say that the vermin was possibly several hundred years old.

 Between bouts of cracking my hard hat top on low curved roofs, I came in touch with several other facts that made my trip worthwhile. For instance, the original Guanche settlers of Tenerife(dating back to the 16th century) would bury their mummified dead in the chambers under the surface of the Earth, while in the closer 18th Century, local villagers would escape and hide in these dark rooms to save themselves from  slave traders and marauding pirates alike. However, the most significant fact that I learned here was that Tenerife was home to such Indiana-Jones type caving activities –a rare treat indeed!

www.holidayfans.com Act Adventurous in Terrific Tenerife - Volcanic Layers

These and other experiences  are bound to welcome you to the realms of terrific Tenerife –a great destination for adventure enthusiasts looking for the highest levels of adrenaline rush and loads of fun. Boasting of 17 kilometers of galleries, Tenerife’s lesser known attractions comprise of the most extensive network of volcanic tubes in the world. Riding on the back of such assertions, modern adventure companies are now keen to show that this erstwhile so-called ‘tame’ destination of the past is actually a giant Fisher Price Activity Centre fit for adrenaline junkies. (Image by Oliver)

This rings true not only for the many subterranean escapades in the region but the sub-marine ones too. For those that come here with the snorkel, you can view just as much from the crystalline surface of the clear waters of Tenerife as you can see in its undersea world—it’s true; the waters of this beautiful tourist destination showcase some startling sights. From meter-long trumpet fish, Stingrays and kaleidoscopic shoals of sub-tropical aquatic life gliding amongst  tunnels, bizarre rock formations and caves created by the island’s treacherous volcanic activity to the scattering of shipwrecks—Tenerife has them all!

www.holidayfans.com Act Adventurous in Terrific Tenerife - Barranco del Río

Recently, a downed DC3 plane had attracted experienced divers from all across the world. With balmy sea temperatures, mainly calm waters, and a plethora of dive centers helping the cause , diving is  among the popular things to do in Tenerife. Wind surfing, kite flying and wakeboarding are some of the other sporting fun that is widely enjoyed before tourists head back to terra firma.

The whole island is  a haven for abseiling, trekking and hiking experts as well—with its length and breadth carved with plunging ravines, deep gullies and rugged trails to scramble and abseil down rugged trails. Here, one of the most popular longest routes for those interested in canyoning is that of  Barranco del Río. This greatly challenging high and steep-sided course stands tall at 2,000 metres, in the midst of  the verdant heights of Anaga mountain range. In these scenic precincts, extreme sports enthusiasts can be seen be seen using their adept balancing skills to compete with the region’s irrigation channels. (Image by Fernando Lozano)

There are many other very interesting ways of savoring the incredible beauty of this island’s interior and waters …..just care to find out more. Enjoy!


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