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A Trip To Pyongyang, North Korea

In this post, I present the things to do in Pyongyang, North Korea. While climbing in Pyongyang, I was just in stunningness of the sheer measure of things to do and spots to go in Pyongyang.You don’t get a minute’s rest when you go in North Korea – be arranged for a genuine week of boundless activities. Here’s the hit rundown of things I propose to do in Pyongyang, in no particular solicitation.

Watch The Sunset

Pyongyang isn’t precisely the spot where there is the climbing or sinking sun, however sunsets here are still tremendous. Around the stream is the best spot. Taste a cold brewskie – nobody rippled an eyelid.(Image by Marie)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Watch The Sunset A Trip To Pyongyang, North Korea

Kim Il Sung Square

The standard square in the city is not to be missed. Kim Il Song Square. Extraordinary viewpoints and standard communist structures. Exactly when parades are on this is “the spot its at”. Whatever is left of the time, its one of the base involved or business squares in a capital city in the whole world.

Chat with The Local Kids

In fact on a guided visit, regardless of all that you’ll discover the chance to converse with nearby individuals. I found the best spots for this were in the Kaeson Park and in the shops and bars.

Drink in “The Brewery” Bar

While this is a straightforward one to tick off (its on the second floor near the social occasion of the Yanggakdo Hotel), they mix their brewskie so you can really say you had a half quart of the area stuff in “The Yang”. Sensible cost too at 22 RMB a half quart.

Round section de Triumph

Whether this is a trap or a mimmick of the French or Laos one, I’m not sure, on the other hand its esteem getting off the vehicle to take a gander at. Pyongy’s Adt similarly has its underground station.

Watch the Mass Games

I secured it totally on my Mass Games in Pyongyang National Day review however don’t miss it! This is simply the second most noteworthy show on earth (after the World Cup Final).

Visit Pyongyang International Airport

For subjects of the USA this is a given as there is no territory periphery open for every one of you. We flew into Pyongyang and left by means of train. This was in light of the fact that I required to experience the certified air terminal in Pyongyang and the brilliant North Korea to China outskirt train.

Consuming The Cold Noodles

The cliché goes that in case you attract close to a young person in North Korea some will ask you “have they had your frigid noodles yet?”. Must be a code word in these parts… saucy to make certain yet the noodles themselves are typical when you finally endeavor them. To be perfectly honest, I won’t devour them again – wasn’t a fan.(Image by murozo)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Consuming The Cold Noodles A Trip To Pyongyang, North Korea

Right so should keep each one of you had when you decide to make a go at investigating in Pyongyang – one of the world’s coolest urban groups moreover all that much an odd spot if getting directly to the point. I truly enjoyed it however and propose a trip.



Feature image by Moravius

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