A Short Trip to Vienna – Marvelling at its Beauty

Vienna is a stately city, surrounded by palaces and it‘s definitely recommended to spend more than 5 days to enjoy the charms of the city and take the opportunity to make a trip to the neighbouring Bratislava, but a short break in Vienna is enough to get an idea of ​​the city.

Tourist attractions in Vienna that I recommend seeing are the Ringstrasse area that concentrates the most important buildings in the city, the Cathedral of St. Stephen the Great Hundertwasser, the Burggarten and the 3 palaces, Schönbrunn Palace, the Imperial Palace Hofburg and the Belvedere palace complex.

Tourist attractions in Vienna

Monuments and main attractions to see and visit in are easily accessible by walking because if you like to walk, Vienna is a marvel with the beauty of all buildings in the central areas. What I recommend is a good map of Vienna and do not hesitate to ask the locals if you are in doubt.

Of all the buildings of the Ringstrasse, Wiener Rathaus is the most amazing. It’s a Gothic building of the XIX century and is one of the symbols or icons of Vienna.

Next is the Graben street which is one of the most popular tourist streets of Vienna, which is today a shopping promenade, where in addition you will find souvenirs, elegant shops and restaurants for all budgets.

The Hundertwasser is in the Landstrasse neighbourhood. In total there are 52 floors and each is painted a different colour. This building is contemporary and was completed in 1985 but its uniqueness makes it part of the architectural heritage of Vienna and worth visiting.

The Burggarten is an English garden in Vienna. It used to be the recreation yard of Habsburg rulers, but today is one of the lungs of Vienna to spend a good time outdoors to disconnect from the city. The garden surprises by a sculpture of Mozart, a house of beautiful glass and an area that is like a butterfly.

Another place to unwind is the Danube. The Danube Island is an artificial island quite close to the centre of Vienna. The island has a beach where you can practice water sports, but what is interesting is that the island has bars, restaurants and clubs, so it’s a good idea to get a tour there before nightfall to watch the sunset on the Danube.

Vienna has a lot to offer and you’ll surely have your hands full with options.

Featured Courtesy of Vestaligo in deep mourning under cc license


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