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A Paradise with Endless Activities: The Great Barrier Reef

With more than 2,500 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching over 2,500 kilometers the Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef with endless activities. Home to more than 2,000 marine species form clown fish to sharks, squids to octopus this reef has a lot to offer on both recreational and educational activities. It may be a bit pricey from $200-$3,000 this travel adventure will surely give you your money’s worth. Listed below of a few activities that would leave you in awe. Though some areas are protected these activities can be availed in Queensland , Townsville and Port Douglas.

www.holidayfans.com A Paradise with Endless Activities The Great Barrier Reef - Snorkeling


Snorkeling is one of the best activities for non-swimmers since it doesn’t require you to swim by yourself. (You can enjoy snorkeling with a life jacket on)   and you’d still get to enjoy the best of the underwater world.  Not only that you can stay in shallow waters or ever near the shore which makes it pretty safe for individuals that could not swim. (Image by 350 .org)

www.holidayfans.com A Paradise with Endless Activities The Great Barrier Reef - Diving

Scuba Diving

Though this activity requires you to have advanced swimming skills, this is an advantage for swimmers out that to have the time of their lives. Scuba diving under the Great Barrier Reefs can live you in awe or even speechless. With different under water species that  you’ll get to swim and even interact with you’ll definitely  have one of the best under water adventure, not to mention some of the endangered marine species can only be found on these reef and 6-10 species of sea turtles too. (Image by Pete Bowen)

Sea Kayaking

Calling out the extreme sports lovers out there, here’s one adventure that you don’t want to miss. Sea kayaking is one of the attractions adventurous tourists look forward to every time they would venture on the great barrier reefs.  Paddling their way across different lagoons and would usually camp out for lunch or even till dinner. Kayaking is perfect for adventurous sports buff s that craves for some extreme exercise action.

Visit Zoos and Aquariums

Now who said that the Great Barrier Reef is limited to water sports? Try to go around the area and look for zoos and aquariums most especially the Carins Night Zoo in Palm Cove. You and your kids will definitely have one of the best night safaris. Going around in a caged vehicle, you’ll get a glimpse on what your favorite animal is doing a night. Now this is one nocturnal adventure that you don’t want to miss. Not only that, night safaris could also give you access to star gazing, with the clear skies the guide can most definitely walk you through the constellations, oh and didn’t I mention you’ll get to pass by the swamps with crocodiles too, not his maybe a little too extreme for you, but the park rangers are fully equipped and trained to provide you safety first.

Now that we’ve discussed the top 4 adventures that you could enjoy with your loved ones, Let us leave you with a little reminder that it is VERY important to protect and conserve our wildlife for our future generations. We may enjoy the beauty of nature now, but let us not forget the upcoming generation that is yet to discover the beauty of our mother earth.


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