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A Good Thing In Kourou, French Guyana

In the event that you wind up exploring in French Guyana, you ought to attempt and make it to the town of Kourou. Not just is this spot right beside the Space Center, however its a genuine cooled it town where you can unwind and get a vibe for nearby life in French Guyana. Which is really damn loose! Not a great deal happens here, nor does it have to. Life eases off to a stop in Kourou.

Kourou’s Beaches

Kourou is honored with a couple of miles of shorelines. First light can be justified regardless of getting up for yet tender walks, unwinding and brilliant sands are the primary offering focuses here. We took a short walk around dusk as well (see first photograph) and it was really epic. You can likewise gaze crosswise over at the Iles du Salut.(Image by Nougatine)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Kourou's Beaches A Good Thing In Kourou, French Guyana

Bar Des Sports

In spite of the fact that we saw several different bars, the Bar Des Sports was demonstrating the World Cup and this appeared to be the nightlife in the town and presumably the main “games bar”! Brew on tap is a reward and a wide screen for games! A mixture of local people and territory French individuals blend here.

Kourou Football Stadium

Whether this football stadium has ever been utilized for the worldwide French Guyana group was misty to me, however I needed to look at it. Unfortunately it was looking a bit feeble at the time of my visit. I still thought it was really cool however to be at a football stadium where I was certain even Northern Ireland could pound out an away win at.

Focus Spatial Guyanais

This is my individual highlight from our visit to Kourou and you ought to intend to see this. It comes as a gigantic astonishment. Here in the modest nation of French Guyana is the Space Center for all of Europe, yet it sits in South America. It’s so immeasurable, it justifies a post of its own and I will do eventually. You will see rockets of various types and get a fitting inside and out take a gander at the European Space history – entrancing and genuinely quick. Passageway was 7euros for the historical center and I need to let it be known was worth the trouble.

The Church

I say “the Church” as it was by all accounts the stand out. I could not be right. It’s a Catholic nation and the temples here are old and beautiful.(Image by ISHMALOO)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - The Church A Good Thing In Kourou, French Guyana

The Lake

I let you know this town was cooled off to a halt. In a residential community like this, you don’t expect such a lake in that spot before the lodging.

Lac du Bois Chaudat in Kourou

There is likewise a market, a social focus, a mail station and a ship terminal for the watercraft to Iles de Salut so you won’t get exhausted here. It’s a cool spot – we stayed at Hotel le Ballahou which was self catering and had wifi and a TV with the football on. I got a percentage of the first round World Cup matches here, you can likewise go turtle viewing in specific parts of French Guyana relying upon the season – we did our own at Cayenne however so not certain if Kourou has the same open doors.


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