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A Beginners Guide to Hitch Hiking

Over the years, hitch hiking has always been every travelers dream in terms of transportation. It gets your adrenaline pumping and the excitement builds you up too, once you’ve tried it, it’ll make you want to do it more often. Fun as it may be, there’s always danger involved, it’s not that safe, which makes it more edgy and thrilling.  Listed below are tips on how to have a safe travel in terms of hitch hiking.

Know Where You’re Going

Though going to some random places you’ve never been to makes your travel trip thrilling, it only works if you’d take a plane or a bus. Hitch hiking is way too extreme if you don’t know where you’re going, you might end up spending more than your budget just by indecisive travels. Knowing where you’re going gives you a specific goal to accomplish, a vision at the end of the tunnel or an achievement. 

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Get a reliable map

It’s never easy to hitch hike, and yes, PATIENCE in reading every detail of the map is a MUST. You should get yourself a reliable map, when you’d hitch hike, don’t get those $.20 maps with misspelled words; get a legit reliable one. It’s very critical to have a precise and reliable map that could give you every detail of where you’ll be heading. It’s very important that you’d know how to read it too. (Image by Brian Suda)

Bring Emergency Money

Well this third tip is like a safety net or a security blanket. If all else fails TAKE THE BUS! Well yeah, for a beginner, you’d sometimes lose hope in finding a vehicle to hitch with its always good to have a backup plan plus you’ll never know what could happen while you’re in the middle of an unfamiliar place.

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Pack light

Since you’ll be moving around and walking most of the time, you’d have to pack light. An extra 20-30 lbs. would be too much stress when it comes to moving around, and it’ll be a little hard to move especially on emergency situations. The lighter the better, that’s why it’s important to know where you’re going, that way you’d be able to prioritize which stuff to bring. (Image by half pint)

Be Polite

Be polite in interacting with the drivers; ask nicely if they would resist, let them and look for the next ride, you have to understand that they’re taking safety precautions too.  It’s best to use please and thank you and present yourself well that way they’ll earn your trust and they’ll let you tag along with them.

Profile the people you’re taking a ride with

It is very important to be extra cautious with what’s going on around you and be alert most of the times. Don’t just get in the car without asking appropriate questions. Try to look around and ALWAYS trust your instincts. Don’t just hop in the car without evaluating the driver you’ll tag along with, after all. Hitch hiking is supposed to be fun not dangerous.

And now that you’ve read all the tips, get those sneakers ready and pack your bags. Hop in the next truck you’d see and travel somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going. After all travel adventures always makes good memories.


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