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7 Locations to Spend your Honeymoon in the USA

The United States provide a variety honeymoon destinations. Some are tucked away on some mountain or beach while others are very conspicuous. The most outstanding honeymoon destinations in the USA can offer amazing romantic experiences for the newly weds.  From lakes to mountains and from east to west, The United States brings the ultimate honeymoon locations.  Now it is easier to get your esta visa by online application.


Lake Tahoe

The crystal-clear blue waters of Lake Tahoe offer a picturesque scenery to all who cast their eyes upon it. It is definitely a place to spend your honeymoon. Here, there are just so many things you can do from skiing to hiking as well as going on a boat trip. However, one thing you will truly love about this place is the lake and its beaches, they are very relaxing.

Virgin Islands

Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. Virgin Islands are exceptional vacationing spots. There are several islands but Saint John is the one you must visit. Sixty percent of this island is covered by a national park, the Virgin Islands National Park- an ideal place to spot hundreds of animal species and plants. The Buck Island Reef National Monument is also a must visit while on the Virgin Islands.


Hawaii is blessed with multiple romantic spots. Maui is one of the Hawaii islands, the second largest of them. If you are specifically looking for a quite romantic and peaceful time with your spouse, Maui is the place to go. On the trails of the Makawao State Forest you can go mountain biking. Watching whales is an exceptionally interesting. Thousands of humpbacks do travel to the warmer waters of Maui during winter.

Key West

Key West, in Florida, the southernmost city on continental USA, holds some magnificent sites to stopover. A cemetery may not pass as a place to visit while on your honeymoon but the Key West City Cemetery will truly make you laugh with its strange headstones. The Wildlife Rescue of Florida Keys and the McCoy Indigenous Park should also be visited to check out wild animals receiving treatment (image by atl10sbum).


Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - Honeymoon in the USA Key West Florida

Key West – Florida


Aspen, in the Rocky Mountains, is a ski resort that you will find most convenient for not only skiing and taking sleigh rides during winter but also for mountain biking, golfing and hiking during the summer.


Charleston packs several museums that you will most definitely love to visit and also drop by the laid-back beaches relieve yourself of the stresses of life. It is one of those ‘casual’ cities. Within the city, business runs normally, at the beach it is a different case. People are relaxed; the major business they do here is taking in the peace and tranquility provided by the beach.

Las Vegas

You cannot say you have been to a honeymoon in the United States if you have not been to Las Vegas. It is the city where fantasies come true. With its multiple hotels and casinos, like the notable MGM Grand Resort and Casino, you will find Las Vegas to be a truly magical place. Its spacious rooms, excellent delicacies and the Casino are designed to make sure your trip to Las Vegas more than memorable.

Accommodation in these seven honeymooning locations is in plenty. However, it can be quite problematic to get it especially during the peak seasons. Summer is not exactly the time to visit some places like Maui if you have not made prior booking. Others locations like Lake Tahoe are packed most of the year except during winter. It is always wise to book for accommodation prior to your visit.


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