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7 Great Under $50 Accommodation Options in Rome

Rome being the capital city of Italy is a very busy place and a nerve centre to the country where a couple of business transactions are carried out. In addition to this, the city is a major tourist attraction site hence receives lots of tourists. These factors led to a major problem in accommodation in the city hence a rise in hotel accommodation prices. You are likely to get most hotels operating at more than $100 a night.

You can save yourself lots of money by booking an accommodation to one of the following under $50 hotels in Rome:

Hotel Capannelle

This hotel goes for as low as 38 US Dollars. It offers great services which include wireless fast internet, dry cleaning services, swimming pool and room service. You will also get ample parking space for your vehicle and well conditioned elevators and lifts to save you the stress of going up stairs.(Image by burde73)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Hotel Capannelle 7 Great Under $50 Accommodation Options in Rome
Repubblica Hotel

You will enjoy well maintained clean air conditioned rooms for $36 only. The rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi internet, hair driers, refrigerators and TVs which have satellite reception. You will also enjoy your own bathroom with well-maintained showers. Room service is also available.

Domus Pacis Torre Rossa Park

In addition to the high speed internet service and room service, this hotel offers you with pet services hence your pet can comfortably accompany you here. The hotel offers special care for the disabled by giving them reserved parking and wheel chair access pathways. You will pay $47 for your stay here.

Cristoforo Colombo Hotel Rome

This hotel is also pet friendly and has disability access. For those with regular eating habits there are nice restaurants with a variety of foods. The stuffs are multilingual hence serve people from different cultures and countries. Other services offered include swimming pool, internet and laundry services.

Hotel Italia Rome

The hotel has one of the fastest internet services suitable for the regular internet browsers. You don’t have to worry about your culture since the staff her are multilingual. Money exchange as well as room service is offered at the hotel. If you have your car, you can enjoy their large parking space.

Hotel Romae

This hotel costs $50 and offers a variety of services. Their rooms are air conditioned and the personnel offer you with towels and other personal effect through room service. They have nice private bathrooms and compartments for safe storage of luggage. Internet connection is available hence you can carry along your laptop or iPad. The staffs are friendly and speak a variety of languages to suite your needs.(Image by Brianna)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Hotel Romae 7 Great Under $50 Accommodation Options in Rome

Stella Hotel Rome

The rooms in this hotel cost as low as $50. They have good rooms fit for families and offer their customers with room breakfast service. You are sure of the safety of your property since they offer good luggage storage. Other services include Wi-Fi internet, ample parking space, private shower and room service

These are the cheapest hotels you will find in Rome. You can check out for room availability on their official websites and book for a reservation
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