7 Great Under $50 Accommodation Options in Madrid

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Madrid
People travel for various reasons; to have fun, to do business, see the world and find out about cultures and habits of people living around the globe. If the thought of visiting Madrid has never crossed your mind before, you better start thinking about it seriously, because you never know where your next business trip will take you, and am sure you don’t want to find it rough, shopping around for the best affordable hotel or resort deals available. Because of this, i have listed 7 places you can find accommodation for just under $50 per night.

1. Etap Madrid Valentin Beato
You don’t have to spend several dollars to find quality accommodation in Madrid. Though this hotel is not very close to the city center, it might serve your purpose well if you don’t have commitments in town. This place is just too good for its price. Not only is it comfortable, the rooms are clean, compact and can accommodate up to 3 individuals. Again, there’s satellite TV for those of us who love entertainment, and breakfast is optional (not inclusive in the fee charged).Definitely, it’s a place you can check out when you’re on a budget. No frills, and it’s even easier to access it from the airport. Just pick bus number 200 and it will make 3 stops and there you are.

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Ibis Alcala De Henares Madrid
Ibis Alcala De Henares

2. Ibis Alcala De Henares

It’s well worth your $50. The Ibis will treat you well. I can’t forget to mention their friendly staff (so don’t be surprised if the managers rushes upstairs with your wife’s handbag because she’d forgotten it downstairs during breakfast), you’ll also appreciate their simple, clean, yet modern rooms which are fantastic for people who have families. Again, this is a great place for those looking to stay away from the town center.

3. Husa Moncloa

When i asked about hotel Husa, i was told that it’s a great place for people looking to stay near the the city center on a budget. Word has it that hotel Husa’s staff are friendly (though i haven’t confirmed), and very attentive to clients’ concerns. Breakfast; top rating, plus you receive free chocolates and liquor in the comfort of your room. It’s a 30minutes walk from town, and you can use the super metro system to rich town quickly if you don’t have time.

4. Hostal Concepcion Arenal

Here comes the thrill of hotel Hostal. Just 100m away from Gran Via, this guesthouse is just too good for its price. If you want to indulge, and get familiar with Madrid’s culture, habits and practices of the local people, definitely i would recommend this place because of its proximity to Gran Via-the heart of Madrid’s cultural and shopping artery. All in all, it’s a clean, comfortable and safe place to be.

5. Hostal Salamanca

If you want a little bit of prestige, and experience what it means to spend a night or two in one of Madrid’s finest business hub, then this is the ultimate place for you. It’s location makes it an ideal place to be, easily accessed from Barajas airport and beautifully surrounded by state of the art shops and boutiques. And by nightfall, you will discover the thrills of Juan Bravo’s Avenue disco pubs such as Doblon or Keeper. If not, you can try some of the glorious restaurants in the area for a full experience of culture, habits, as well as way of life of the people living in Madrid.

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel The Way hostel Madrid
The Way hostel Madrid

6. The Way hostel

Though it’s a hostel, there are several things you’ll love about sleeping the night away in this hostel. Firstly, its location is desirable (a walking distance from most sites), a spacious and comfortable lounge area, as well as several tour events to crown your experience here. You’ll enjoy, though there’s a suggestion contribution of about 8 euros at the end (don’t worry because it isn’t a must either).

7. Cat’s hostel

With its proximity to Plazor mayor, many guest are opting to spend the night here. Not only is it situated in a nice location, but it has large rooms that can be used for private, or shared rental. Again, all the rooms are very clean, safe and well lit. Other features that may attract you include a central fountain, wooden windows, attractive Spanish tiles, and its architectural attributes in general.

It’s a real challenge traveling on a budget. But it’s more mind boggling when you have to shop around for the countless accommodations options available that will suit your pocket–and you don’t know where to start. Who said that you can’t sleep in Madrid comfortably under $50 anyway? The above list will prove you wrong if you thought there aren’t accommodation deals under $50.

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