7 Great Under $50 Accommodation Options in Amsterdam

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Amsterdam
If you are looking for a serene place to spend your summer holidays then Amsterdam may be the best choice. This place has a lot to offer to its tourists. The, culture, habits and heritage of the people living in Amsterdam is quite interesting. The pristine natural beauty, the beautiful churches and the parks constitute the main tourist attraction of this place. While going on a tour one has to surely think about the expenses and a tour to Amsterdam in luxury can be heavy on your pocket. In order to save money you must never miss out on any of the popular tourist attractions and so the best way to cut down the expenses is to choose inexpensive hotels and such other places for accommodation.There are a lot of budget hotel in Amsterdam, some of them starting from a range as low as 25 dollars. However, it is unfair to think that hotels that charges less money will not provide you with any facilities or that their services will be poor. Here is a list of a few hotels that provide a lot of wonderful facilities and charge low price at the same time.· Mercure Amsterdam Arthur Frommer.

This boutique hotel is located near Prinsengracht which is the centre of Amsterdam. The best part of this hotel is that most of the tourist destinations are only walking distance away from it. Travelling by tram is the best way to reach this hotel. This hotel has an awesome location. It lures its customers with a paltry price of $24 and provides clean rooms and luxurious interiors.

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Hem Hotel Amsterdam
Hem Hotel Amsterdam

· Hem Hotel Amsterdam.

Situated in Voorburgstraat, this hotel provides you with all the basic necessities including well-furnished rooms and ready-room services and exquisite restaurants. With facilities of swimming pool, laundry, sauna, banquet halls etc. it is no less than a five-starrer. And you will be amazed to know that you will receive all these services at a meagre charge of just $25.

· Falcon Plaza Hotel.

This hotel is located in Valkenburgerstraat. It also provides with exquisite services that cater to both your basic as well as your additional needs. The prices for this hotel start from $33.

· Best Western Blue Square Hotel.

It is located in Slotermeerlaan. This hotel provides world-class service to the visitors. The hotel authorities have also made special provisions so that tourists can buy souvenirs that depict the culture and habits prevalent in that place. The starting price charged by this hotel is only $45.

· Hotel Casa 400.

This hotel is situated within the ring road of Amsterdam. The location of the hotel is outstanding. Tourists can easily take a public transport from the hotel to reach the heart of Amsterdam within nine minutes. The station is only three minute walking distance from the hotel. This hotel provides all the basic necessities and overwhelms its guests you additional features like free internet and parking services. The costs of rooms in Hotel Casa 400 start from a meagre $13.

· Poet Hotel Amsterdam.

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Poet Hotel Amsterdam
Poet Hotel Amsterdam

The hotel is located in Jan Luijkenstraat. The location is magnificent, and the needs of the tourists are catered to with great hospitality. Plus the additional attraction is its cost, which is $48.

· Hotel City Garden Amsterdam.
The hotel is located in P C Hooftstraat. This hotel has seventy rooms which provide beautiful view and are beautifully decorated. Each of these rooms comes with a private bathroom and other facilities like a flat screen television, a safe, a telephone etc. The price charged for booking a room in this hotel starts from $33.

These are a few of the many cheap hotels that you will find once you land in Amsterdam. So without thinking twice about the cost, you can pack your bags and set aboard to see and enjoy the habit, culture and heritage of Amsterdam.Related post: 7 Great Under $50 Accommodation Options in London

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