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7 Great Facts About Heathrow Airport

For many years now Heathrow Airport has been established as the top airport in the UK. Based just outside Central London the airport served an astonishing 73.3 million passengers during the course of 2013 thanks to a daily average of 1,286 flights. Needless to say such a high turnover of passengers requires a truly special airport where many amenities including parking at Heathrow are now affordable more than ever. So here’s a list of seven great facts about Heathrow.

1. Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in Europe

Back in 2011 Heathrow transported more passengers than any other airport in Europe to destinations all around the globe and that volume has only increased in recent years. The recent opening of a new terminal has further increased the potential passenger flow, ensuring it will maintain its position as a top airport for years to come.(Image by Andrew Nash)

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2. Heathrow has amazing parking facilities

Parking at Heathrow is very easy as the airport provides an enormous car park that caters to everything from quick drop-offs and pick-ups right through to long-term stays. There are even valet and business services on offer, ensuring that every passenger gets what they need from the service. In addition, online parking reservation can be made by ParkBCP which can save you some time and some money.

3. Records smashed in 2013

2013 was a marquee year for Heathrow, with the airport transporting more passengers and running more flights than it had ever done before during the course of the year. The opening of Terminal 2 in June of this year provides even more potential for the airport to break these records all over again.

4. James Earl Ray arrested at Heathrow

Those of you who are interested in history will recognize James Earl Ray as the man who assassinated famed civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. Back in 1968 Ray attempted to use a forged Canadian passport to leave the UK at Heathrow in an effort to escape punishment for his crimes, but the ever-vigilant security team caught him and ensured he was arrested.

5. Heathrow and HS2

Plans are currently being discussed that would make Heathrow one of the most important stops on the High Speed Rail 2 line that is currently under construction in the UK. This will allow the airport to expand beyond offering flights so that it can become one of the most important railway hubs in the country, assuming these plans come to fruition.(Image by Andy Gocher)

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6. First Flight was to Buenos Aires

The first flight to ever leave Heathrow Airport went to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Since that inaugural journey hundreds of thousands of flights have departed and arrived and the airport has continued to grow in stature and importance both in Europe and the world.

7. There is a sixth terminal

Most people are familiar with the five terminals currently open to passengers, however many aren’t even aware that the airport also hosts a sixth terminal. This tiny terminal is reserved for royal visits, state dignitaries and celebrity visitors, providing privacy and an escape from the hustle and bustle in the main terminals.

Needless to say there are plenty of other remarkable facts about this enormous airport, which has an illustrious history that is rivaled by few others in the entire world. Playing host to enough staff members to rival a small town, Heathrow will likely only continue to grow in importance and stature over the next few years so be sure to pay it a visit should you ever wish to visit the UK.


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