7 Great Attractions in Malacca, Malaysia

If you are going on a trip to Malaysia there are some things you should know about. You want to have the best vacation and what better way to do that than hitting the hot spots?

Before getting there, you may want to book accommodation solutions in advance, especially if you plan to visit during the weekend. In our visit in Malacca, we stayed with two types to accommodation which both were great.

Casa Del Rio
The first one is an awesome boutique hotel right off the river, Casa del Rio which means in Spanish “Home of the river”. The hotel has many great amenities such as rooftop swimming pool, great library with many books and free coffee/tea,  several food outlets, amazing buffet breakfast, and fascinating customer service. All stuff and management was very friendly and made sure at all times that we were all we need!

River One Residence
River One Residence hostel is more on the budget side and great for the typical backpacker. The place has free WiFi all around, awesome balcony with river view, free coffee/tea all day, a/c rooms, sitting area, hot showers, and great service. Expect to get a clean towel on check in and of course, clean bed and clean room. Just next door, you can fine the local restaurant Little Mamma, which offer all day food for very affordable prices and free smiles.

Malacca (also written Melaka), Malaysia has plenty of them but we will only focus on the top ones today. These are the sites you have to visit in order to have a true Malacca experience.

Here are some hot Spots:

1) Bukit China – This is the ancestral area of Malacca. It is said to have 12,500 graves and it also has a certain hill for jogging. It became famous when Mansur Shah was married and the Ming emperor’s daughter known as Princess Hang Liu was buried there. Today it is known as the oldest burial ground of China.

2) Jonker Walk– If you love shopping than this is the place to hit. You will literally find anything or everything crammed into every nook and cranny during a stroll in Jonker Street. You can find artworks, shoes, knick-knacks, and even food. Since it is a night market area you get to see the stars while enjoying a incredible shopping experience.

3) Malacca Zoo – All animal lovers must have the experience of visiting this zoo. It is perfect for families and single visitors. It is the second largest zoo to find in Malaysia and it offers quite a unique aspect. The unique aspect seen here is the night viewing safari offered at the zoo. This gives visitors the opportunity to see many nocturnal animals that cannot be seen during the day.

4) Malacca River -This river was once called the Venice in the East. It has a 45 minute cruise that will take you down to Kampung Morten. You will also get the chance to pass many settlements along the way. It is a good thing to try out if a river experience is desired.

5) Wonderland Theme Park – Everyone loves the chance to cool down hot day. The perfect way to do that is a visit to Malacca’s new Wonderland Theme Park and Resort. It has been built in the area of Ayer Keroh and includes many water slides and rides such as Anaconda Twist and The Pendulum.

6) Malacca Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary – This sanctuary called Taman Rama and it has a wide range of animals which include lizards, Koi fish, and of course butterflies. It was opened in the year of 1991 and has five sections. They are Wild Photo Lane, Koi River, Butterfly Garden, Reptile Aviary, and Nature’s Art Center.

7) A’ Famosa Fort – This fort was constructed in the year of 1511 by use of slave labor. It was originally suppose to be a stronghold against invasion. Today it is considered to be one of the oldest surviving remains of Europe to be in Asia.

Those are all the seven hotspots to see in Malaysia. No visit should be complete without seeing them and you can learn a thing or two during the visit. Getting educated and experiencing a wonderful visit should be something for everyone to have and therefore Malaysia should be the place to go. Finally, here is a great post about 10 things to consider when visiting Southeast Asia.

If you have been in Melaka and experienced any of these places or great other ones, let us know.
Also, if you had been in great accommodation places such as Casa del Rio or River One Residence, share with us how was the stay.

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