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6 Perfect Cultural Gifts to Take Home from Mexico

Mexico is a beautiful country, with a great history, rich culture and great experiences for the visitor. If you are looking to take back the memories with you when you go back home, or buy beautiful gifts for your loved ones, there are numerous souvenirs, or recuerdo, which is souvenir in Spanish, to choose from in Mexico.

Some of the best cultural gifts that I think would be useful, beautiful and affordable to take as souvenirs from Mexico, that you should consider for friends and family are listed below:

Mexican Cooking books

Mexican food is delicious and enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. However, not many people are skilled at cooking Mexican, and many resort to going to expensive restaurants to satisfy their culinary desires of this particular delicacies. A Mexican cookbook would be a very thoughtful cultural gift to take back home, especially for that loved one who enjoys making home cooked dishes and would love to learn how to make gourmet Mexican food. There is a large variety of Mexican cookbooks to choose from, and you could also top up this gift with some chillies to make it extra special(Image by carine)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - cooking books 6 Perfect Cultural Gifts to Take Home from Mexico
Mexican cooking utensilsRelated to Mexican cooking books is cookware. Having the right Mexican cooking utensils on hand to go with the Mexican cookbook would make the cooking experience much more enjoyable for the receiver of your gift, so why not invest in some durable Mexican cookware at a market or mall? They are easily available, affordable and come in a wide variety. You can choose from pots, sizzler sets to serving dishes, and this makes for a really thoughtful gift that your loved ones will cherish.Jewellery

There is much jewellery that can be bought in Mexico, such as coral, silver and folk art. Coral is sold in most parts of Mexico, especially the coastal areas bordering the Caribbean, and is a beautiful gift to take back home with you for that special person. A word of caution though, black coral is endangered and can be confiscated at customs, so do not buy it, same thing for tortoiseshell. Silver is also a great choice for a cultural gift from Mexico. Most of the silver items in Mexico come from Taxco, and if you happen to tour thus town, ensure you explore the tianguis (marketplace) and get beautiful silver items at basement bargain prices. You can choose from hand crafted silver pieces, to mass-produced trinkets, to collectors’ items. Ensure you see the .925 stamp which indicates resilient sterling silver before purchasing though.

Food and drink

There are so many options to choose from here, with Mexico boasting a world renowned culinary tradition and culture. Great examples include Mexican coffee, especially if you are visiting in the Coatepec region where it is grown en masse, as well as Oaxaca or Chiapas. You can also choose tequila for one of your friends or loved ones who imbibes in it. Make sure you choose a bottle that has a label saying “100 per cent agave.” Other options include honey or achiote, a delicious Mexican spice.


Mexico has some of the best pottery in the world, made with pottery skills and culture that has been passed down generations dating back from the Spanish. This pottery is made from red clay or black clay. If one is in Oaxaca, it is easy to choose a great pottery gift for a child, adult or teenager. Options of pottery items include urns, bowls or whistles for your children or nephews.

Clothing and textiles

There are so many options if you are interested in buying a beautiful piece of clothing for a loved one. From panama hats, leather items such as wallets and wool rugs, there are so many choices. My advice would be to get an affordable pair of sandals or a purse for a loved one if you happen to visit Valladolid. Leather work is an important craft in this part of Mexico, and there are amazing bargains to be had here.(Image by Karen Elwell)
Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Clothing and textiles 6 Perfect Cultural Gifts to Take Home from Mexico
In conclusion, there are many cultural gifts to be chosen from in Mexico, which your close friends and family will admire. Make sure you bargain well, and choose a truly special and thoughtful souvenir from many of the options in hand.

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