6 Perfect Cultural Gifts to Take Home from Israel

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Israel is a country that has so many unique attractions in its culture that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. When you visit this magnificent country you would definitely want to pick some of the most popular cultural gifts from this country to your home that you can gift to those whom you love a lot. To help you in this task here is a list of 6 perfect cultural gifts that you can take to your home from Israel.
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Wine Israel
1) Wine : wines from Israel are world famous for its ultimate test and great quality and it is very difficult to find same quality wine anywhere else. So on your next visit to Israel; make sure you buy some of the best wines for yourself and for your loved ones but before that do cross check with authorities if you can bring it to your country.
2) Yemenite Shofar : this musical instrument is one of the oldest kind of musical instrument and it is a cultural music tool in Israel. In Israeli culture this instrument is a symbol of faith and by playing this musical instrument for other people hope it will bring more success, joy and growth in loved ones life. So we can say this is one of the best cultural gifts that you can bring as a lucky charm or as a souvenir with you.
3) Kiddush Cups and Goblets : In Israel you can get Silver Kiddush cup and goblets with silver plates in different size and shapes. These souvenir items looks extremely amazing and you can use them as a show piece in your show case or you can use them to serve drinks to your guest in a royal way. And no need of say this is one of the most popular cultural items that people take with them from Israel.
4) Sculptures : Israel has had a great history of arts and it offers some of the most fantastic sculptures that demonstrate vivid color, and amazing artistic skills. With these sculptures you can decorate your home, office or any other space and you get buy sculptures from best Israeli artists in very affordable price.
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Kabbalah Jewelry Israel
5) Kabbalah Jewelry : It is native Jewish jewelry that includes pendants, necklaces, rings, Amulets, bracelets and many other items. This jewelry look amazingly good and attractive and your friends and family will love to have such gift from Israeli culture. So we can say this is another cultural gift that you can take to home from Israel.
6) Textiles : Israel is one of those countries that offer best textile materials and its unique cultural designs make it more attractive. From its local shops you can buy some indigenous linen, bed sheets, towels, bathmats and other textile material that has unique and very attractive embroidery or pattern on it. You can use it for yourself or you can gift it to your friends and family.
The best thing about these gifts is that most of these gift items are very affordable and all of them reflect the native culture and tradition of Israel.

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