6 Perfect Cultural Gifts to Take Home from Colombia

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Colombia is geographically located in northeastern side of South America. Its capital city is known as Bogota. Colombia has a population of over 46,000,000 people of which the majority resides in Andes Highlands and in the Caribbean coast. It borders Pacific Ocean to the west and Caribbean Sea to the coast. Colombia borders Panama, Ecuador. Venezuela, Brazil and Peru. Andes mountain range runs from north to south of Colombia, Amazon rain forest comprises 42% of Colombian’s land and is located to the east of Andes Mountain. Colombia is known as the 27th largest countries in the world.Naturally, people love to share experiences that are unique and important to them. One of the activities that can give you more experiences is travelling and anyone will be glad to share it with family and friends. Bringing souvenir as gifts home can be the best way to make your loved ones feel connected to your earlier experience.

Colombia is a home of diversities and you will be able to bring back home many cultural gifts that will excite your loved ones. Some of Colombians cultural gifts that one can bring home include:

Cultural designs

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Colombia Cultural Hand Gift

Colombia is rich in cultural arts, handcrafts and designs. Its sizzling fashion and beauty is unique and can’t be found anywhere in the world. There are thousands of exhibitions that display different dazzling cultural designs.

Swim suits

Colombians love for fashion is now taking a new turn in the swimwear area. Being a coastal state, swimming costumes are very crucial facets. Colombia started making swim wear in the year 1999 and was aiming at making Colombian swimming costumes the best in the world. They are known to making the most fun and classy designs known as ‘Ondade Mar’ which gives them a competitive edge over other Latin brands.


Colombia has the most advanced goldsmith and craftsmen who have spectacular history in jewelry making. There is different gold made jewelry which portrays the unique culture of Colombian people. Some of the gold made gifts you can take from Colombia may include; gold weapons, effigies, statues, headdresses, vessels, funeral masks, pottery and many more. The current methods used in gold jewelry making include; hammering, granulation, inlay etc.

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Gold objects Colombia
FoodFood can be the best souvenir. Colombia has vast range of traditional food staff; you can be able to bring home Columbians best candy and snacks. Food actually reflects culture that created them and sharing it with your loved ones will make them experience what you had. At the Mercado central you get the opportunity to buy exotic spices, vegetables and fruits

Gold objects

In Costa Rica there is pre-Colombian gold museum near San José. The museum is divided into two: the introductory area meant for orientation and the second level which interprets the evolution of Colombian culture. These levels portray different uses and meaning of gold objects. Here you can purchase gold objects of your choice and take them home for your friends and family.

Needle punctures

There is exciting ear piercing, nose as well as tongue piercing where jewelry is inserted after piercing. This is the widely known custom since the ancient times. You can choose to have your ear or even nose pierced and go show your people that unique culture.

For unique cultural activities no country beats Colombia. There are unforgettable cultural festivals, spectacular beaches, exotic scenery and mouth watering dishes. Om your next holiday plan on visiting Colombia and enjoy the fun that it brings, and don’t forget to take home some gifts.

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