6 Perfect Cultural Gifts to Take Home from China

China is one of the most visited countries in the world; millions of visitors visit the oriental region for different purposes such as business, leisure travel, studies and cultural exchanges among other reasons. The Chinese culture is very sensitive and there some great tips how to avoid offending the Chinese.  The best way of always bringing back a piece of the country is through buying a gift that is representative of the countries culture, among the most favored gift from China include the following:
Custom made textile
China is without a doubt among the leading textile regions in the world thus bringing a bespoke textile gift such as Chinese traditional regalia, a customary gown or footwear will clearly showcase the Chinese tradition in the most unique way. Textiles from China come in a myriad of fabric, designs and colors to suit any kind of desire and preference.
Pottery and Ceramic
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Chinese pottery
Chinese pottery is highly revered and acknowledged worldwide, this is attributed to the unique features that are distinctive in the way the crafts are made and also the rich Chinese art. Chinaware such as porcelain bowls, tea pots, flower pots and decorative pots among other earthenware will provide the ideal souvenir to most people.
The Chinese culture highly values silverware, the items are among the most luxurious items that will feature in any home or office. The great knowledge and craftsmanship that is used in manufacturing as well as decorating items made from silver contributes to the silverware being among the most favored gifts. The gifts are applicable in many situations which will include wedding, official functions, birthdays and anniversaries as well as other occasions.
Art Paintings
Art paintings have been used as gifts for a very long time and still continue to be among the must have mementos after a visit to the region. Ordinary art painting are used as a souvenir for any kind of occasion, to further enhance the experience, visitors to the region can have tailor made paintings that are unique hence standout amongst other gifts. The art paintings come in a wide array of sizes and painting styles such as classical or contemporary. The painting may be in form of an easel, mural, mosaic, collage or any other artistic style.
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Jewellery Industry
China is well known for having a highly developed jewellery industry; this is evident with the availability of wholesale jewelers spread out in the region. The jewelers stock any kind of jewellery item that is both representative of the local and also exotic culture. A visit to the local jewellery store or the traditional goldsmith will enable a visitor have a bespoke piece of jewellery to take home.
China is the home to toys; the toys make the perfect souvenir for the young at heart especially children. Adult toys are also readily available, these include teddy bears, handheld fans, games and gaming consoles among many other toys.
The gift market in China is highly advanced hence making it easy and convenient for any person looking for the perfect gift, the Chinese society hold gifts or souvenirs in high esteem, for this reason the gift shops, jewelers, pawn shops and retail outlets will also provide wrapping facilities as a complimentary service to make the presentation more appealing.Related post:   Types of English Teaching in China – Which One is for You?

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