6 of the Best Coastal Places to Live in America

America’s a place of diversity with deserts and mountains, rural villages and sprawling cities. Its beaches are some of the best in the world, and tourists flock in their millions every year. If you want to make the most of the beaches, then a two-week visit won’t be enough. That’s why more and more people are looking for coastal places to live in America, and buying homes by the sea.
Here are six of the best coastal places to buy property if you want to fill your days with sunbathing, surfing and the occasional ice cream:
Kiawah Island, South Carolina
Coastal destinations don’t get much better than the beautiful Kiawah Island. It’s a tropical paradise in South Carolina where you can spend your days fishing, playing golf and relaxing on the sand. Average house values are over $1 million, which makes Kiawah Island a pretty exclusive place to live. Still, if you’ve got the money then you can enjoy exceptional high school graduation rates, wonderful open spaces for walking and kayaking, and the feeling that you’re constantly on holiday. Perfect!
Sausalito, California
Sausalito’s another fantastic place to consider. Pristine beaches, wine bars and restaurants appeal to all that appreciate the finer things in life. Average house values are even higher than Kiawah Island prices, though if a traditional property doesn’t appeal you can always join the thousands of residents living in house boats along the coast.
Tiburon, California
Tiburon’s a peaceful town with little boutique shops, great schools and wonderful restaurants, as well as plenty of opportunities for sailing. Its beaches are fantastic, but what makes Tiburon even better is the fact that it’s easy to catch a fast ferry straight over to San Francisco past the Golden Gate Bridge.
Laguna Beach, California
California’s clearly a great place to buy a house on the coast. Alongside Tiburon and Sausalito, Laguna Beach deserves a mention. It’s a colourful village with a long, sandy beach and unspoilt hidden coves, and is one of the most inspirational places to live in America. In fact, it started as a colony for artists and is still one of the best places to buy a house if you enjoy festivals, alternative culture and surfing.
Chatham, Massachusetts
Chatham’s a perfect fusion of ‘American coastal town’ and ‘quaint English seaside resort’. It’s got lovely little harbours, sprawling farms and cosy little cottages. The people of Chatham love their fresh produce, and there’s a strong sense of community spirit. Concerts are held regularly in the town, and there are plenty of restaurants and shops to enjoy.
Jupiter, Florida
The home of Juno Beach, one of the favourite nesting sites of the Loggerhead Turtle, Jupiter’s a Florida paradise with plenty to see and do. Temperatures are high, and house prices are surprisingly low. This is the perfect town for people that like to keep active. There are plenty of opportunities for sports, long walks and days swimming in the sea, making Jupiter a particularly healthy place to live.
Have you got another coastal town to add to our list? Do you love living by the beach, or would somewhere inland suit you better? Have you been on holiday to Laguna Beach, Sausalito or Kiawah Island? Could you see yourself living there? Comment below, and share your opinion.
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