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6 Must See Destinations for Your Retirement Holiday

Traveling is probably not what you have in mind for your retirement but there is always that one place that you have always wanted to visit. You saved up for your retirement dream vacation, one which you truly deserve by the way. After all those years of waking up early to get to work and rushing to beat traffic to get home- a vacation to your dream destination is more than deserved.

So where exactly do you want to go on your dream holiday? If you have not decided yet, here are some six of the finest spots in the USA that you will love to visit: Lake Tahoe, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Charleston, Seattle, and Washington DC.

1- Lively Lake Tahoe

This one stands out as one of the finest travel destination in the United States for so many reasons. It is a dream destination for just about everybody including honeymooners and retirement holiday makers. Once you have retired Lake Tahoe’s serene air will make sure that you are really relaxed. A couple of days will do. Nestled upon the mountains, the azure-blue waters of the lake deliver a picturesque sight for all who cast their eyes upon the lake. The beaches of the lake are simply relaxing and the peace and quietness here will allow you to relax like you never have before.

2- Vivacious Virgin Islands

This travel destination is found in between the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. Out of all the islands, Saint John is the place you want to visit. The Virgin Islands National Park is a great place to spot a variety of animal species and plants. Next to the park are numerous accommodation services like no other. (Image by Tiziano Salvini)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Vivacious Virgin Islands Destinations for Your Retirement Holiday

3- Hot Hawaii 

Come rain come shine, Hawaii is an awesome destination for everyone- young and old alike. There are so many hotels for accommodation, restaurants with awesome food and warm, sandy beaches to bask on. A summer holiday in Hawaii is always in order. Maui is the best of the Hawaiian Islands. If you happen to go during winter, you will get to see an impressive show put on by the humpback whales. Whether you want to sleep all day or be active, Maui allows you the freedom you so desire.

4- Charming Charleston 

Charleston can be described as diverse. This city of Charleston is packed with numerous museums that you will enjoy visiting. After a tour of the very busy and professional city you should drop by the quiet and laid-back beaches. You stay in Charleston will be one of a kind.

5- Spectacular Seattle 

Seattle has really spectacular skyline. This is one of those cities that you will simply enjoy visiting. There are just so many accommodation services as well as activities that you can engage in near the hotels. Seattle’s Space Needle is one of those places that you will enjoy visiting.

6- Washington DC

This is one of those places that you will love to visit if you are all about the history of this lovely country. Pay a visit to the White House, Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial and many other places. There are some truly great hotels in the DC that will also enjoy staying at. (Image by glenndecesare)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Washington DC Destinations for Your Retirement Holiday
In summary, if you really want to leave the country, there are so many places within the US that you can visit for your retirement dream holiday. There are some things that you will need to do though- get your health checked before you travel and choose great travel insurance for over 70’s that best fits your needs and age. It would be a shame to have any unresolved worries on your mind while you are out exploring on your vacation.


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