6 Key Events of the Australian Open 2016

The Australian Open illustrates one of the biggest tennis events globally. The event takes place annually during the month of January. The venue of the annual tennis event is usually Melbourne, Australia. The tennis tournament is one of the attractive “Grand Slam” events. Thousands of fans and tennis players attend the event. Sports and events organizers have already planned for January 2016 Australian open. Entertaining events and concerts take place during the Australian Open; for example, the draw ceremony, computer rankings, practice sessions, guided tours, Play Melbourne, and transport.

  1. Draw Ceremony

Draw ceremony is scheduled to happen on January 16, 2016. The draws will comprise five fields. These fields are; men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. The men’s and women’s singles will have 108 direct entries whereas the men’s and women’s doubles will each have 64 pairs. Mixed doubles will feature 32 pairs.

  1. Computer Rankings

Computer rankings event ensures effective selection of 32 tennis players for the singles championships. The first seed occupies the top of the draw while the second seed occupies the bottom draw. All the other seeds are thereafter randomly drawn. The remaining part of the field is randomly drawn using the IBM computer system from the top position to the bottom position.

australian open HF scores

  1. Practice Sessions

There is a viewing deck that is rises above the practice courts. The viewing deck enables the sports fans to observe the tennis starts warming up before the game. The super-wall categories of screens and also the information towers, give adequate information on where the tennis players are practicing.

  1. Guided Tours

The guided tours during the Australian Open gives the fans the chance of accessing the Melbourne Park. The welcoming Tennis World employees guide the sports fans through attractive destinations. An example of the destination areas are; Rod Laver Arena, Walk of Champions, trophies display rooms, backstage areas, press conference rooms, and tournament control venue. The tours happen throughout the sporting week. Fans get the chance to practice their tennis skills on the some court used by Australian Open tennis stars.

  1. Play Melbourne

Play Melbourne is an event that takes place after tennis matches and enables the fans to enjoy cafes, restaurants, bars or boutiques services. Melbourne thus enables the tennis fans to enjoy a wide variety of culture, arts and music activities. Summertime Bars gives both players and fans the chance to relax after matches through the outdoor bars. The Naked in the Sky restaurants enables the fans to have pleasant rooftop dining experiences.

Melbourne outdoor bars

  1. Travel

Australian Open management puts in place effective transportation system. All ticket holders freely access transportation services provided by the tram shuttles. Fans get the chance to enjoy the ferry and water taxis services, between the Southgate and Melbourne Park. Adequate public parking space for both cyclists and vehicle drivers are available during the tournament.

Australian Open will be an entertaining experience; therefore, tennis fans can easily purchase tickets early through online platforms like Queen of Tickets. Tennis stars, through the Australian Open platform, get the opportunity of personally relating with their international fans. A pure delight!


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