www.holidayfans.com 6 Great Destinations for a Better Cultural Holiday

6 Great Destinations for a Better Cultural Holiday

The world is always full of great historical places as well as places full of amazing cultures; some cultures are exciting while others may send a thrill down your spine. This therefore creates a need for one to be very careful before you go to bump into peoples cultures, they might be have a human eating culture and you can be seen as a sumptuous meal for the whole village. Bearing this in mind, we have come up with safe and a must visit places for you who want to experience the world in terms of cultures and history. Check them out

www.holidayfans.com 6 Great Destinations for a Better Cultural Holiday - Colosseum

Rome, Italy

For a couple of centuries Rome has been one of the most powerful and the greatest nation in the entire world, today however Rome is wrapped and packaged with great histories that you definitely ought to get to know them. In Rome, here are must visit places which are full of great historical things that you can learn about: The Rome Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Colosseum. (Image by KayYen)

New York City, United States

United States is also not short of cultures and history, the New York City is the place to be, the town happens to be the oldest city in the US, you will definitely be pleased to learn about the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMa, Natural History Museum, Central park and The Statue of Liberty. These places showcase US cultures and history at its best.

Paris, France

France is well known for its great historical cultures and Paris comes as the hottest hub of it all. Paris is famous for its great fashions but little do people know it’s the home to great historical sites like the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Notre Dame Cathedral, Orsays Museum, Lovre and the Eiffel Towers. You can decide to walk through the entire centers which are most ideal for family vacations.

www.holidayfans.com 6 Great Destinations for a Better Cultural Holiday - British Museum

London, United Kingdom

British people can never be left behind in the search of world greatest historical places as well as cultures; there are lots of culture and historical related things ranging from the Kensington Palace, Buckingham palace, British Museum, National galleries and the world famous tower of London. The city also has a great military history that you will get to learn as you have some fun shopping in UK. (Image by Chris Robinson)

Athens, Greece

If you want to get back and learn about the great histories of civilization, the Athens is the ultimate place to be. The city has many cultural and historical places that best showcase the Greek civilization. Among these places, make sure you get to the national Gardens, Agora, Theater of Dionysos and Parthenon all in Athens.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is full of unique history that will really quench your mind; there is also a lot of fun and entertainment to get your attention. Thai great history and culture is well expressed by the great temples as well as Buddha related places. The best places to get to are the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, Temple of Dawn and Gran palace which is two centuries old.

The world will never be short of cultures and history but if you really want to get the best of it  all get to these destinations and drink from the very pots of knowledgeable narrators and historians, you will get back home educated and happy, make sure you get some souvenirs too from these countries.


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