6 Attractions To Visit with Kids in Paris

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If you are new in Paris, it might not look to be too friendly to the kids at the first glance. There are several cumbersome metro stairs and tunnels, several cultural attractions that look a little bit daunting, particularly for kids. You may think that this city was built mainly for culturally perceptive adults which all go around the famous Eiffel Tower. However, to visit Paris with your kids does not need you to struggle too much or worry about it, since several great things are available that you can possibly do with them. In Paris, there are many attractions that are suitable for both adults and children. Some of them are discussed below.
Musee Grevin – Paris Wax Museum
It is one of the historical wax museums that were inaugurated in 1882. Currently, the museum boasts figures of over 300 life-sized waxes, from the former French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Leonardo da Vinci Marilyn Monroe. This makes it sufficient for parents and their kids to enjoy. This museum is actually the discovery of kids; therefore, by visiting this place will allow your kids to learn more about wax artists can bring popular personalities to existence.
Paris Plages – Paris Beach
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Paris Plages – Paris Beach
The Paris Beach is also known in French as Paris Plage was founded in 2002 as a free place for summer activities, which transforms many spots into full-fledged beaches with each of them having a distinct theme. Currently, this destination has grown to be a permanent fixture in the scene of Parisian summertime. Some of the activities found in this that kids can really enjoy are evening concerts, sun bathing and sanding, kayaking and many more.
Disneyland Paris
This is one of the best attractions in Paris suitable for both children and adults. You can arrange to visit this great destination with your kids to experience the true nature of Disney Village, the camping grounds of Davy Crockett Ranch, and a golf course. These can also offer adults an excellent excursion as well. The place also comprises great hotels that provide an enjoyable and relaxed environment for all family members.
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Paris Parks and Gardens
Paris Parks and Gardens
Parks of Paris are commonly known for their impressive, impeccably presented, and groomed lanes, flora, and lawns. These Parisian parks are great destinations to discover and play. Most parks in this city are the best and ideal places for kids and parents since there are a lot of activities children can enjoy doing or watching such as riding ponies, sailing toy boats, games on sleek, enjoying superior puppet shows, just to name a few.
Menagerie (Zoo) – at the Jardin des Plantes
The Menagerie was established primarily as the public zoo right after the French Revolution. This place is also among the best attractions places in Paris that hosts several species of all rare animals. This a suitable place that can welcome an excellent outing for parents who are searching for kid-friendly activities in the region.
Le 104 Arts Centre
Le 104 Arts Center is one of the largest tourist attractions suitable for both adults and kids. It is a communal art space as well as a recreation center that comprises several activities, both outdoor and indoor. Some of the amazing things that kids can really enjoy in place are great concerts, changing exhibitions, and several evening activities.
In conclusion, apart from the above-discussed attractions to visit with kids in Paris, there are also other great things that you can do in Paris with your kid. There are great restaurants and hotels, other geographical destinations for tourists and many more. Give your kid an excellent holiday vacation in Paris to experience these great attractions.

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