Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - Amazing Caribbean Islands for you Next Holiday

6 Amazing Caribbean Islands for you Next Holiday

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - Amazing Caribbean Islands for you Next Holiday

The beautiful Caribbean Islands offer a perfect place to truly unwind and begin a journey that leads to self-discovery. Home to some of the world’s best resorts and pristine white sandy beaches, the Caribbean Islands boast of unmatched serenity and beauty. A place of true and distinct beauty, these islands boast of a diverse tropical landscape that features maintain ranges, volcanoes, valleys and white sandy beaches.  These unique offerings truly provide an amazing backdrop for revitalization and memorable holiday experiences. But what are the six most amazing Caribbean Islands that you should consider on your next holiday tour?
1. The Bahamas

This archipelago is a prime spot for those that want something out of the ordinary. Offering myriad choices for holidaymakers, the 700 islands that make up Bahamas have exclusive hideaways and outstanding resorts that are truly captivating. The island is located just 50 miles from California, meaning that nonstop flights are guaranteed.

2. Dominican Republic

Offering affordability and scenic atmosphere in one full sweep, there is every reason why you should make this your next holiday stop. It is a large country that boasts of a rich Hispanic culture and world-class resorts nestled on some of the finest white sandy beaches the Caribbean has to offer. If you want the thrill of adventure, then this is one area that must top your priority list next time you plan to visit the Caribbean.

3. Jamaica

Home to reggae music and relaxation, Jamaica has many offerings that make it truly inviting. This sunny and beautiful island is packed with a wide array of exclusive resorts at relatively pocket-friendly prices. It is also one of the most serviced islands in the Caribbean, with flights coming in from all corners of the world (image by SOJAmusic).

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - Amazing Caribbean Islands for you Next Holiday reggae fest Jamaica

Reggae fest – Jamaica

4. Puerto Rico

This Spanish-speaking Caribbean island offers rainforests and swaths of sad, without mentioning its rich and vibrant culture. The alluring of its capital, San Juan, also adds to the list why many holiday makers choose to visit this island.

5. Grenada

This amazing hideaway offers visitors a chance to explore yoga and experience meditation and Pilates at their best. Grenada is also well-known for its interesting capital, St. Gorges. Grenada has several beaches that though small, are very inviting. Its rainforest-clad hills add to the beauty and charm of this island. It provides for a low-key holiday experience in beautiful and natural surroundings (image by MZcameraeye).

Holiday Fans Around the World RTW -Travel family vacation - Amazing Caribbean Islands for you Next Holiday Jamaica
6. Barbados

While there are countless Caribbean holidays to choose from, one that stands out is Barbados . With a pristine collection of palm-lined beaches and luxury resorts on some of the world’s outstanding beaches, Barbados holidays offers a soothing and relaxing experience against the backdrop of inviting atmosphere and a vibrant Caribbean culture. This island truly offers delight and enchantment, to say the least. It is the people, the places and the ambiance that make Barbados a distinctively charming and captivating holiday destination. It always stands out from the rest of the Caribbean island; geographically, culturally and geologically. This is the place to rediscover the British heritage and the only place to get sunny smiles. Barbados has it all wrapped up in one unique offering.

Visiting the beautiful islands of the Caribbean is a fun-filled experience. However, just like any other holiday tour, making prior arrangements is very important. In order to make the most out of your holiday, it is imperative that you plan ahead and make advance booking, especially during high season. This way, you would be able to avoid the last minute rush while also getting the best bargains.


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