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5 Useful Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

Travelling is a skill you acquire and learn and as you make more practice the better you become. Before you embark on your first travel mission, do your homework, research and read more on the place you want to visit. This will ensure you come back being enriched, safe and inspired by what you saw out there. Here are some tips to help you fare well on your first travel. They will also see you come back whole and safe

Stay in touch

Forget using your usual sim card if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on airtime, instead use the social media platform to communicate, use Skype, twitter, instagram, whatsapp, viber and keep checking your emails for any feeds from your friends. Capitalize on hotels that offer free Wi-Fi and chat unlimitedly with your pals. If you must make phone calls, invest on travel Sims, world Sims or one sim as they usually offer subsidized rates of making international calls. Set you phone mode to data roaming to minimize the costs. If you are planning to be in the foreign country for a few weeks you can buy the most common local prepaid sim card, remember to unlock your sim if it’s locked.

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Keep your money safe, avoid frequenting ATMS that are in dark alleys, locals usually find it easy to identify a stranger and if they are up to no good, you might end up being robbed. Avoid using your normal ATM card that you use in your country, this is because they are usually charged some overseas transaction fees which will nibble your funds and see them quickly fade away, instead use professional travelers master cards like the 28 degree master card, the card has no annual fees, no international transaction fees and no reload fees. (Image by David Muir)

Travel insurance

Without travel insurance, you ought not to be travelling overseas. This is because a travel insurance policy covers for all your medical expenses, legal costs, baggage loss, personal liability, disruption or cancellation of your holiday plans among others. However the insurance policy does not cover for your careless mistakes like forgetting your luggage in a taxi. A proof of purchase is often also required before the insurers honor and replace a lost item depreciation value is also subtracted.

Bought a travel wallet :(Passports and other documents

Passports need to have a minimum of six months validity for you to enter most foreign countries. It’s easier to replace a lost passport if you have a scanned document or a photocopy so as a first traveler remember to produce a similar copy once you receive the passport. Leave your vital documents with someone you trust instead of travelling with them. You can also store them in the cloud services where you can easily retrieve them. (Image by mroach)


Eat healthier foods especially while travelling. In hotels, avoid trying out crazy foods on the menu, eat what everybody is eating, chances are the food is fresh and will not bring your any complications later during the trip. In case of any abnormal feelings don’t hesitate to contact renowned medical hospitals in the area.

Travelling should be fun and with these tips you are good to go. Enjoy conquering new places as you explore what the world has in offer for you.



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