5 Top Amazing Destinations in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a beautiful nation situated in the Southern part of the great Pacific Ocean. It is a brilliant destination for a relaxed holiday away in a country full of warm people and best tasting food. Vacation in Vanuatu can be very interesting if you know where to go and what to do. A Spanish explorer on one of his explorations was the first to discover one of the islands of this archipelago nation. This group of islands is mainly influenced by the English and French cultures. So whenever you plan a holiday in Vanuatu, here are some of the main spots which are a must visit and experience:
Mount Yassur, Tanna Island: Volcano Extravaganza
This is one of Nature’s greatest spectacles which can be witnessed by humans. Tanna Island’s Mount Yassur is an active volcano which spews out lava and magma into the air every few minutes. Each and every time this magnificent, never ending display of nature takes place the earth shudders and this is an experience which one beholds. A holiday on the pristine beach of Lowelkas Cove and enjoying a view of the great volcano while sipping on tropical cocktails is surely every traveller’s dream.
Mele Cascades: Spell Binding Waterfalls (header image)
Walking through tropical forests, greeting the local people and driving past schools can be an amazing experience especially when the destination is Mele Cascades. The fresh water is capable of giving you the best massage you can ever get. You can swim around in the shallow waters or just enjoy the surrounding greenery until late in the evening. It is one of the gifts that the Port Vila has to offer making your vacation worthwhile.
Millennium Cave: Exhilarating Experience
For the outdoorsy people, Millennium Cave can be a breath taking trekking experience. The cave is in the Espiritu Santo Island which is the largest in the archipelago chain. The trek upto the caves is a demanding one but one can cool down later with a swim in the clear waters from the river. At the cave entrance clay paste is smeared on the face as symbol of safe journey through the caves and the river. The trek will give you the most astounding view of the cascading waterfalls and give new meaning to your vacation.

Nanda Blue: Nature’s mysteries
Nanda Hole which is also referred to as Jackie’s Hole is a deep blue hole created by water in limestone rocks. These holes have the bluest, cleanest and prettiest waters. It is family property on the Santo Island. The blue hole is surrounded by green tropical jungles and this place also houses a great bar and swim facility to enjoy fully. The entry fees are about five Australian Dollars which includes a nice tropical drink (image by cgofsydney)
Summit Gardens: Sandalwood wonderland
It is the biggest tropical garden in all of South Pacific area. The 11 Summit gardens are a great culmination of garden from across the world in Africa, America and Australia. They have been designed by the owner to bring the world together in a very interesting manner. The dazzling variety of colorful flora including Sandalwood trees is a festival to the eyes.
Vanuatu is a quintessential tropical holiday spot. The climate varies from very hot and humid to very mild and dry during the year. Travellers from all over the world flock to Vanuatu between July and December and during these six months, the beaches are crowded and all hotels are full to capacity. Cyclones in Vanuatu are a natural phenomenon. So, tourists are guided according to the next cyclone which hits the nation. Port Vila, the capital city can be reached by air and by boat. Regular flights from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands and Solomon Islands can take you right to the heart of the archipelago.
Header image by doe-a-deer


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