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5 Outdoor Activities in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an incredible place and a must visit especially for people who love outdoor activity. There are very many ways that will spoil you for choices as you try to explore the canyon, the only limiting factors that can set in are time availability, weather conditions as well as individual interests. Here are some great out door activities that you really ought to go for if you are indeed looking for awesome and pleasant memories of the grand canyon.

Hiking or Walking

The Grand Canyon is an ideal place to go for hiking or for just taking a walk; the best defined parts are the Rim trail which starts from any precise viewpoint or along the historic Hermit Road or the Greenway. You can opt to day hike around the great canyon or just backpack overnight below the rims; you will however need to acquire a permit if you want to spend the night there. The trail of time is also another great place to go for a walk, the walk runs between the Verkamps Visitors Center and the Yavapai Geological Museum which is basically 2 kilometers apart. The path will get you learn of the geologic history of the canyon as well as you will be in a position to see each great layer of the canyon at cross proximities.

www.holidayfans.com  5 Outdoor Activities in the Grand Canyon - Bike Routes

Bicycle Rentals

The canyon will spoil you if you go for the guided bicycle tours which are usually available between the month of March to late October, this is attributed to weather conditions but if you happen to be in the canyon on a god weather day that lies of out these months you will be lucky enough as you will also get a guided bicycle tour. You will also get a canyon featured cafe as well as a coffee bar which has great grab and go sort of menus meant for pedestrians, bikers and hikers. The café is usually run all round the year. (Image by Grand Canyon National Park)

www.holidayfans.com  5 Outdoor Activities in the Grand Canyon - Hermit Road

Scenic Hermit Road

You can decide to tour the scenic road which offers some best views of the canyon, there are some free shuttle buses that offer continuous services during the moths of March to late November. You can also decide to get there by foot or by bicycle, private vehicles are however prohibited. (Image by Grand Canyon National Park)

Desert View Drive

You can get some great outdoor adventure at the scenic desert which is East of the Grand Canyon. You can get thee by your own private vehicle or by boarding a commercial bus; the trip stretches for 25 miles which is equivalent to 42 kilometers one-way. From the view point you will have scenic views of the rivers at Moran and after that you can decide to exit or to enter the park from the Arizona highways.

Smooth Water and Whitewater Rafting

The Colorado river is an ideal location that you must get to if you are looking for places to do some rafting as you catch good glimpse of the canyon walls from the river channels. The rafting trips are exciting and usually last for 3 to 21 days; you however have to make advance reservations as the trips are usually controlled. if you don’t have all that time you can also opt for the half day smooth water trips that are facilitated and organized by the lodge that’s in the park.

The Grand Canyon is a perfect place for outdoor adventure lovers; you can consider getting to the canyon as a family or as a group making the visit more jovial. Ultimate fun is guaranteed irrespective of the activity you go for.


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