5 Interesting Facts About Japanese Culture

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The Japanese culture is very vibrant to say the least. There are a lot of items that people from all over the world automatically recognizes as a part of Japanese culture such as Geishas and Samurais. The Japanese culture is a result of the many years of development. Though, no country is an island, there are also other neighboring nations that have contributed to the rich and vibrant Japanese culture. This article is going to focus on some of the few interesting subjects when it comes to the Japanese culture.
Samurai Mentality

Holiday Fans travel the World RTW -family activities Budget Travel Samurai Mentality
Samurai Mentality

Samurais are one of the major icons of Japanese culture. In most places of the world, when you let them see an image of a Samurai, most people would know that it comes from Japan. Countless stories, legends and movies have risen from the Samurais. However, a samurai is more than a killing machine as most people would see it. Before one becomes a Samurai, he must think like a Samurai. Today, a few of the principles of Samurai thinking are already incorporated to the modern Japanese culture and mentality. For example, in Japan, dishonor is a big shame for the name of the family and themselves. In fact, it is so shameful that the only way to redeem yourself of such shame is to take your own life.
Kimono is Japan’s traditional form of clothing. It comes in a wide variety of designs and colors. Kimonos also come in different forms. An example would be the Yukata; this kind of kimono usually has lighter colors and is typically worn during the summer months. The men usually wear a darker shade of Kimono. Here is an interesting fact, in the past Japanese consider women with small breast as being attractive, that is why kimonos for women have a special cloth to press on the women’s breast to make them flat as possible.
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The art of paper folding is largely associated with the Japanese culture. Though, there are other cultures have dabbed in the concept of paper folding, but is the Japanese that have brought paper folding into a whole new level. Historians suggest that origami started in Japan after the invention of paper was introduced. Those days, it is also a status symbol since paper was expensive, and only the wealthy can afford such luxuries. At the time, origami was handed down orally. In fact, it was not until the 18th century that the first book was written about origami instructions. It was entitled “Thousand Crane Folding”.
Ikebana is a form of flower arrangement in Japan. It may sound like a simple flower arrangement, but in Japan, it is taken very seriously. It is a very disciplined art. Ikebana is big on creative expression. However, it does have some guidelines or rules. Typically, Ikebana flower arrangement symbolizes man, earth and heaven
Sport Obsession
Almost all cultures in the world have its own favorite form of sports, and Japan is not an exception. In Japan, Sumo wrestling is the national sport. It draws millions of viewers per year. However, Baseball comes a close second when it come to viewers.

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