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5 Ideas for a Better Travel with a Pet

Winter travel can be a nasty experience especially if you are travelling with a pet and you never took necessary preparations as well as precautions. The situation may be so worse that you may come back from your vacation alone without your pet as pets are delicate and one moment it might be kicking and in the next minute it can be laying on the ground, lifeless. Nobody want s to loose their pets and so it’s advisable you project yourself especially from the winter rain which can easily sentence your pet to death. Here are some travel tips to help you travel in winter with pets, remember to plan ahead.

Air travel

If you will be travelling by air remember that that storage area in the plane is not heated, protect your pet by lining the carrier with some blankets which the pet can burrow and warm itself whenever they need to. If you opt to go the veterinary recommended way, make sure you sedate your pet in the right way, vets recommend sedation for security and safety reasons. Wrap the pet nicely in blankets before you put the dog in the carriers conveyor belt, if possible its advisable to train the pet in advance to drink from hanging water bottles as so that the pet will keep hydrated especially if the flight will be long.

Road travel

If you will be travelling by car, winter conditions can be quite hazardous for your pets, to keep it warm, just ensure you wrap it carefully in a blanket and make sure you maintain a normal watering and eating schedule so that the pet can metabolize its food as normal and that way it will also be able to generate enough heat for itself. You can also consider to come with the pet’s favorite blanket so that it can still feel is home away from home; you will have played with its psychology and at the same time keep it warm and safe.

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Winter Travel Comforts

During your winter vacation dress your pet in warm sweaters especially for the short haired puts, the sweater will not only act as a cute accessory but it will go a long way to see your pet ambient temperature its moderately controlled. You will have succeeded in eliminating the chills and keeping the pet comfortable as well. (Image by Pet it Chihuahuas)

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Outdoors are extremely cold during winters, its therefore advisable you mind the pet’s paws as they can cause your animal to catch cold or get pneumonia. Pets have very sensitive pads and just like humans, frost bites will not spare them either. You can therefore consider acquiring you pets some booties that will protect them from snow and ice. Its advised you try the booties in advance to make sure the pets are used to walk with them before the freezing temperatures hit the grounds. (Image by Fern)


We also recommend you carry some warm wash clothes as well as mild wipes that you can use them on your pet while travelling in winter. Rock salts lad on the side walks that are meant to melt away the ice will definitely irritate your pet’s paws especially if they have crevices, if possible walk your pets in places that have no salts or you can lift them if you don’t have he booties. With these tips you are god to go as you know what to do while travelling with your pet in winter.


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