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5 Great White River Rafting in North America

North America is at the apex when it comes to white waters rafting. Despite being the most popular of the rafting destinations,it aptly attracts rafters from all over the world. North America is the home for myriads of advents in the field of rafting which is backed up with the epic sceneries,penchants of rapid falls and the best rafting guides.

Anyone with an interest in rafting will die to go to North America as it is the first brazen predilection for all rafters. Here are the top 5 great white river rafts that you are more apt to enjoy when you make a trip to North America.

The American River in California : This rafting river is suitable for all types of rafters – The experienced rafters,middle rafters and the novice rafters. One is also able to make a single day rafting trip or a multi days rafting trip in the central California river found near Secramento. Rafting in the south Fork of the America river is more conducive for families and for corporate entertainment trips. North Fork American river rafting is an extremely dangerous sporting ground and it is therefore recommended for the rafting expatriates. The middle Folk is recommended for the middle rafters who are prepared and ready to progress to the next rafting challenge.(Image by Curtis Ching)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - American river rafting 5 Great White River Rafting in North America

Klamath River In California : This river curves along the high volcanic desert Canyon that can make anyone’s rafting trip to be more adventurous and impressive from the inspiring

and catchy landscapes. This rafting river favors both the experienced and the novice rafters. An experienced paddler can enjoy rafting on the upper Klamath while the novice paddlers can enjoy the thrill of rafting on the lower Klamath. The Klamath river found near Yreka was the first river to be branded “white and scenic” , i quote , which saw to it that it was added to the list of the best rafting destination globally.

Arkansas River in Colorado USA : This rafting river boasts as one of the best rafting destination in North America. It Is located in the Colorado springs and it aptly favors both the starter paddlers and the experienced ones. It covers more than 80 Miles and any paddler who opts to go rafting in river Arkansas is more bone to have a memorable experience. It has myriads of rapids too,that are awesome and that add up to the thrill of rafting in Colorado.

Animas River In Colorado : This serves as the next best option for those that want to go rafting in Colorado. It is more conducive for both the experience and the novice type of rafters. The experienced paddlers can use the northern Part of Animus river which requires capability and more experience of facing the challenging river. The Flow of River Arkansas is coupled with more historical sceneries and a gorgeous view of a sections of Colorado.

Kananaskis River in Alberta Canada : This offers one of the best rafting experience for rafters near Banff National park. I would recommend this rafting river to anyone who wants to enjoy great activities in Kananaskis county while enjoying all the great majestic landscape views in the region. Pertinent to all that,it has a stunning mountain drop that just gets the thrill of rafting in Kananaskis river even more fun.(Image by  Thank)

Holiday Fans - World travel blog family holiday vacation website - Kananaskis River in Alberta 5 Great White River Rafting in North America

It is beyond reasonable doubt that rafting in North America is more advanced and fun. With the above rafting destination then you shouldn’t expect your rafting experience to be anything less than the fun you have been longing to have. These are just but a section of the rife rafting destinations that pervade North America and the best of them that i have singled out.


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